Month: March 2014

Unidentified aircraft could be secret U.S. spy plane

Sky watchers have captured an intriguing photograph of an unidentified aircraft flying over Amarillo, Texas, and veteran aviation journalist Bill Sweetman suggests it could be a secret spy plane.

April marks 50th anniversary of Lonnie Zamora’s bizarre encounter

Fifty years ago on April 24 marks one of the strangest encounters in UFO lore: that of police officer Lonnie Zamora’s bizarre brush with an oval-shaped craft that had landed in the New Mexico desert on the outskirts of Socorro. Project Blue Book classified the case unsolved, a perplexing account that turned astronomer J. Allen Hynek from UFO skeptic to believer.

Jimmy Carter’s intriguing comments

It is well known that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO in 1969 while gathering with about 25 people waiting to attend a Lions Club meeting.

The formless, glowing thing emitted various colors before flying off.

During a recent interview to promote his new book, he made these comments on a New York radio program, The Brian Lehrer Show: “I don’t claim that it came from outer space. But it was unidentified, it was flying, and it was an object … It was a flying object that was unidentified. But I have never thought that it was from outer space.”

Translation: It was likely of earthy origin, either some sort of natural phenomenon or otherwise.


New book and documentary is like non-fiction version of Flying Saucers

A new book and documentary film, Mirage Men, is something like a non-fiction version of Flying Saucers. It describes a scenario in which there is a well-orchestrated, long-running super-secret disinformation program to divert public attention from covert advanced-propulsion programs. However, unlike the plot of Flying Saucers, this conspiracy theory hinges on reverse-engineered alien tech. Otherwise, it is pretty close.