Month: June 2017

Kenneth Arnold’s original flying saucers were probably just ours


In my humble opinion, this was not space aliens. Just Uncle Sam testing his new toy – a game-changing field propulsion system, mounted onto a flying wing platform.

It’s very interesting that Arnold never described these objects as saucers. They were either a crescent shape or a half pie plate with a convex rear. So, intriguingly, like a flying wing design.

I seriously doubt the aliens would come to earth in winged aircraft. You don’t need wings in space. What, did they travel trillions of miles from another solar system just to tour the Northwest?

It seems far more plausible that these were developed by the U.S. military industrial complex in some facility on the West Coast, probably Northrop Corp., creator of the famed Flying Wing, which also had its maiden flight around this time period.

Perhaps we are soon going see a similar technology in the mysterious B-21 bomber? Military officials keep saying the B-21 is based on a “very mature” technology, yet it is paradoxically unknown to the public. They also have said the basic platform has already undergone extensive prototyping.

Just something to consider …


Is B-21 ‘advanced prototyping’ the basis of Phoenix lights, rural Illinois UFO sightings?

Ooh, there’s been “a lot of advanced prototyping for B-21” …. according to high-ranking pol …

Others have said the technology is “very mature” yet unknown to the public.

Hint, hint … the UFO over rural Illinois in 2000? The Phoenix lights? The Belgium wave? The Hudson Valley? Etc, etc?

In other words, the basic platform has been around for a long time, perhaps?

Skibitski also noted that Nothrop “had telegraphed for some time that a lot of advanced prototyping for B-21 had the potential to de-risk the project.”

MoD UFO documents finally released by National Archives

When controversial documents are released on a Friday, that usually means the authorities are hoping the information gets buried by other news.

Nick Pope says there’s “no smoking gun” for ET visitation in these documents.

But there IS clearly a smoking gun for something else: the terrestrial hypothesis.

In other words, Roswell wasn’t ET, Rendlesham Forest wasn’t ET, the Phoenix lights wasn’t ET. Actually, I think there’s more evidence that the Phoenix lights UFO came from Nevada than from outer space …

Face it, Nick, the ET hypothesis is all but dead. You guys just can’t admit this because your collective bread and butter is grounded in the ET hypothesis. To suggest otherwise would mean finally abandoning a position you have staked your careers on.

At any rate, I think we can all expect the usual crummy media coverage … inane reportage riddled with silly pop-culture references to ‘little green men’ and the like … vapid nonsense that makes absolutely no attempt at serious journalism.

The election is over: Where oh where are the MoD UFO documents?


… where oh where could they be … ?

I queried the National Archives and received no reply. The last time I checked, a few months ago, they responded right away – or straight away – in British parlance, saying the documents were not yet ready for release. But this time, no soap. Radio silence. What does it mean?

Perhaps this article, suggesting imminent release, was simply incorrect:

Or maybe they’re just busy archiving things over there.

It’s best to avoid conspiracy thinking, even though that takes all the fun out, especially when it comes to the whole bizarre Rendlesham Forest business …

At any rate, if the documents are released on a Friday, then something is probably fishy. Releasing information at the end the week is a tactic commonly employed when you are hoping the information gets buried by other news.

On the other hand, if there is nothing to hide, the authorities will make the documents public early in the week, and perhaps even alert the media in advance.

Either way, though, it will likely receive hardly any coverage from legitimate news organs. They will probably treat the subject with the usual reportage, riddled with inane pop-culture references to ‘little green men’ and the like … vapid nonsense that makes absolutely no attempt at serious journalism.

Military source: flying saucers, the ideal anti-missile platform

Some new and intriguing flying saucer news here!

I’d say this is additional evidence for an above-top-secret U.S. saucer program.

In addition to making an ideal surveillance platform, the saucers, based on field propulsion and powered with gas-turbine generators, would constitute the perfect anti-missile technology. Just hover near a missile silo and bombard it with electromagnetic waves, shutting down the electronic controls. Such systems are being commercially developed (, and you can bet your bottom dollar the U.S. military has had this capability for decades.

But why use such a system against our own missile installations, you ask?

The answer is simple: testing in a real-life scenario, the “living lab.” These were desperate times, the Cold War. And if a defensive technology could be shown to thwart U.S. weapons systems, then it would likely work against the Soviet systems.

Ah, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

It’s all in Flying Saucers!