Month: July 2016

#MissilesandUFOs — this is a no-brainer, people

This was just posted (link below) on the National UFO Reporting Center Web site, and it calls to mind an interesting tidbit from Flying Saucers.

The phenomenon of flying saucers shadowing missile launches at military bases and hovering over nuclear missile silos to deactivate the electronic controls has been extensively documented in the literature. (Re: the compelling accounts of Air Force Capt. Robert Salas and others)

However, it’s obvious that everyone has overlooked the only logical explanation: the Pentagon’s testing of flying saucers as the ultimate anti-missile platform.

C’mon, Davenport, get it together, dude.

This is a no-brainer, people. It’s all in Flying Saucers.

Epoch Times article, Nick Pope #Rendlesham Forest incident


In a new article published in the Epoch Times quoting Nick Pope, he confides that investigators concluded a secret military prototype was the only remotely plausible non-ET explanation for the famous Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Epoch Times: Aside from the heiroglyphs seen by one of the witnesses, are there any other aspects of this incident that absolutely could not be attributed to secret high-tech human operations?

Pope: Indeed, I can’t entirely rule out the possibility that what was involved at Rendlesham was a secret prototype aircraft or drone of some sort. I think it’s highly unlikely, given the details, and indeed this possibility was checked by both the MoD and the USAF.

I can’t entirely rule out the possibility that what was involved at Rendlesham was a secret prototype aircraft or drone of some sort.

— Nick Pope, former UK Ministry of Defence official

But one cannot completely discount the possibility of a secret project unknown even to those of us in government charged with investigating this incident. Of all the skeptical theories put forward over the years it’s the only one we assessed as being remotely possible.

CNN, welcome to the party, finally. #B-21 bomber

Don’t you hate the cheesy “under the radar” wording in the headline? I guess they couldn’t resist.

But at least they are finally giving the B-21 bomber story some cursory coverage

It’s really sort of hilarious that people consider that silly artist’s concept drawing to be a fair representation of the super-secret bomber in any way, shape or form.

From the CNN article: “The Pentagon also made public an artist’s conception of the aircraft, which some lawmakers argue would be more useful to a foreign intelligence agency than the overall contract cost.”

 It should be fairly obvious that the alleged concept image is a ruse.

Officials have already acknowledged that they have completed extensive wind-tunnel tests of the bomber. They know what it looks like “down to the access panels” … and may have even test flown a full-scale prototype by now.