CNN, welcome to the party, finally. #B-21 bomber

Don’t you hate the cheesy “under the radar” wording in the headline? I guess they couldn’t resist.

But at least they are finally giving the B-21 bomber story some cursory coverage

It’s really sort of hilarious that people consider that silly artist’s concept drawing to be a fair representation of the super-secret bomber in any way, shape or form.

From the CNN article: “The Pentagon also made public an artist’s conception of the aircraft, which some lawmakers argue would be more useful to a foreign intelligence agency than the overall contract cost.”

 It should be fairly obvious that the alleged concept image is a ruse.

Officials have already acknowledged that they have completed extensive wind-tunnel tests of the bomber. They know what it looks like “down to the access panels” … and may have even test flown a full-scale prototype by now.







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