Month: May 2023

The Pentagon slips a little bit of truth into the whole Marines-UFO flap — it was all part of a ‘training exercise’

You gotta love the truth … it appears in the most innocuous and subtle forms …

Here, we see it emerge between the lines of the most recent UFO flap, this time involving U.S. Marines in California.

It was all part of a “training exercise’ …

I’ll bet it was!

And you know what? This has been going on FOR DECADES! A ‘living lab’ in which the Pentagon takes its most coveted secret weapons on an excursion of the absurd. That’s exactly what the Phoenix Lights were, and the Hudson Valley, and the Belgian Wave, and the southern Illinois flap of 2000, and the flying disc over Chicago O’Hare, and the Tic Tac encounters, and on and on and on.

It’s all just been Uncle Sam.

And do you know why? Because training with these antigravity vehicles is a lot safer over friendly soil than it would be over adversarial territories, where the loss of one of these things would be catastrophic.

But, hey, I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already pondered. It’s all in Flying Saucers!

Looking forward to Dr. Steven Greer’s new UFO documentary, The Lost Century!

Alright, so, it would appear that Dr. Steven Greer, a veritable god of ufology, is wading into the terrestrial hypothesis to explain the mysterious, ongoing UFO saga in this country? His new documentary is available June 6.

Anyway, we can all agree to disagree about the provenance of antigravity and field propulsion – whether of ET or terrestrial origin – but we can all agree that IT IS HERE!

You know my feeling, that it was never ET, that it was always just an invention of the human mind. Yes, the same force that brought us nuclear weapons, microchips, lasers, fiberoptics, etc.

But either way, I commend Dr. Greer for producing what by all appearances from the trailer is a documentary that attempts to bring this issue to the public in a big way.

And, now that the big, mainstream media have begun actually covering UFOs, maybe they will make an appearance?

Right, I wouldn’t count on it …

Regardless, thank you Dr. Greer!

Dr. Steven Greer, longtime UFO investigator, says ‘tic tac’ sightings represent top secret U.S. field propulsion technology

Well, FINALLY, thank you Dr. Steven Greer!


Dr. Steven Greer reaffirms that the Tic Tac unidentified flying objects are of terrestrial origin and emphasizes that we achieved expertise in anti-gravity technology back in 1954. Greer further asserts that he is acquainted with an individual who witnessed a tic tac vessel being unloaded from a C130 Hercules aircraft in 1991, amidst the initial Gulf War. Subsequently, he delves into his theory regarding a fabricated extraterrestrial invasion, commonly referred to as a “false flag” scenario. #ufovideostk #aliens #conspiracytiktok #extraterrestrial #story #news #conspiracy

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The veteran UFO investigator has now said the tic tac ufos are, in fact, top-secret U.S. field propulsion vehicles.

I couldn’t agree more!

But, hey, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. It’s all in Flying Saucers!

Were those UFOs seen over nuclear missile silos part of a top-secret U.S. antimissile system? Just say yes!

Yet ANOTHER series of articles recounting how UFOs were seen interacting with nuclear missiles.

Something extraordinary happened here. It was either the U.S. military or ET. I vote U.S. military.

I propose this was the U.S. military demonstrating an above-top-secret method to neutralize nuclear weapons. Why? Because if we could shut down our own nukes, that means we’d be able to shut down Soviet nukes.

According to my hypothesis, we already had advanced field-propulsion vehicles by the 1960s. In fact, we’ve had the technology since the end of World War II. By the 1960s, this super-secret weapon was outfitted with electromagnetic pulse technology capable of bombarding the hardened electronics in nuclear missile systems. This would have temporarily taken down the system.

Also, in at least one example, a flying-saucer-like vehicle was seen following a missile as it was being launched, shining a bright light on the missile. I propose this light was possibly a high-intensity strobe that simulated gunfire or cannon fire.

I know this sounds wild, but is it really any crazier than space aliens?

We know something radical happened. These encounters have been documented. The sources are impeccable. Rather than ET, however, I propose that it was just us all along, an idea that I tried to flesh out in Flying Saucers.

But, hey, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. It’s all in Flying Saucers!