Month: January 2017

‘Day After Roswell’ – masterpiece of disinformation – turns 20 this year


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This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Day After Roswell, billed as the first book to provide “conclusive evidence” that ET crashed in the desert in July 1947.

It would be tempting to dismiss the book, written by retired U.S. Army Col. Philip J. Corso with an assist from veteran ufologist William Birnes, as the product of delusional thinking. However, that would be a gross mischaracterization. The Day After Roswell is a hugely important work, a prime example of disinformation, expertly developed, executed and promoted.



Article posing question: Does U.S. have secret space program?

I find this tidbit from the article particularly interesting:

Mr Marsh added: “Since this brief study, MUFON has received 91 additional triangle cases worldwide that have closed as unknowns; where 66 of those cases occurred between May 22 and December 22, 2016 – and 59 of that final set occurred within the US.”

Thank you, MUFON, for investigating these sightings and also for considering a non-ET hypothesis! I look forward to your findings.

Of course, you know my opinion: The triangles are ours, as are the saucers.

In this vein: A recently concluded Chilean government investigation details the 2014 sighting of a saucer-shape craft. Military officials in Chile took infrared video. Perhaps the huge dark plume is venting of steam after a shutdown of the nuclear reactor, and the two other hot spots are from gas turbine generators. The nuclear reactor would be needed for locomotion under water, while the gas turbines would be needed for atmospheric operation.

Also of recent note: A Pentagon official has suggested the potential use of secret space weapons in the fight against ISIS.

What are these cryptic “options” to which Gen. Goldfein alludes?



Extreme secrecy surrounding B-21 bomber


Thank you Roll Call for reminding us about the bizarre level of non-disclosure regarding the B-21 bomber.

Could it just be the usual shenanigans, or is there some other reason?

Nut graph from the Roll Call article: The Air Force has declined to disclose the total acquisition cost for the B-21 bomber or the total amount of Northrop Grumman’s contract to develop and start building the first 21 planes — figures the Air Force and other services routinely reveal, even for highly secretive programs.


Speculation: Perhaps the new bomber will integrate advanced propulsion technologies that cost less to manufacture than conventional technologies? In other words, it’s something truly different.

I found it very interesting that one source has told the media that the new bomber will use “very mature” technologies, which, nevertheless, may not be known to the public. What? Very mature, yet unknown to the public? What exactly are you saying?



Outstanding UFO investigation by Chilean authorities – Leslie Kean article


Is Leslie Kean the greatest, or what?

Wow. If not for the IR camera, this probably would never have been recorded.

Totally amazing footage and investigation.

Perhaps this is one of those secret Pentagon “space weapons” recently alluded to by Gen. Goldfein? Maybe the hot plume was the ejection of steam after a problem with the nuclear reactor, requiring a shutdown.

Whatever, I think we can be fairly confident this has something to do with the United States.