Month: June 2016

UFO-like ending to #Northrop Grumman TV ad, alludes to B-21 bomber


the most recent #Northrop Grumman ad is fairly interesting … it summarizes the company’s various technological feats, from stealth bombers to the first landing of a UAV on an aircraft carrier … then it segues to future  fighter jets and ends with a mysterious aircraft in a large hangar and officials standing around during some sort of hypothetical unveiling. We have to assume this is the B-21 … All you can see are three blinding white lights, but you can’t make out any contours. The narrator says: “Just wait until you see what’s next.”

The lighting configuration reminds you of

entertaining …

#B-21 bomber, articles detail Senate’s extreme secrecy

These just in … The degree of subterfuge and secrecy surround this project is very disturbing and perhaps telling.


#B-21 Bomber article on extreme secrecy

excellent article … and one of the most under-reported stories. The computer-generated artist’s concept is a joke … I attended an aerospace conference last month and some big shot from Northrop Grummon Aerospace Systems was a keynote speaker … a slide of the alleged B-21 concept came up on a big screen. “It’s an interesting photo. I’ll leave it at that,” he says. And this was greeted by a round of laughter from the audience … What’s not known is whether any members of Congress are privy to the cost figures. If not, where’s the oversight? I find it intriguing that one top military official has told the media that the platform is using “very mature” technology. But he also said, just because it’s very mature “doesn’t mean it’s known to the public.” Whaaaat?