Month: December 2016

Is ufology in disarray? Kevin Randle says no ET at Roswell?

For decades, Kevin Randle has been a key figure in the Roswell saga.

And he has always been a strong proponent of the ET hypothesis, which has dominated the conversation about UFOs forever.

Well, Mr. Randle has finally come to his senses, evidently. He no longer believes there is evidence to support claims for an ET crash at Roswell.

If true, bravo, Kevin Randle!

Does this mean the ET hypothesis is finally starting to crumble?

Who’s next, Richard Dolan, Bill Birnes?

Also, please see my book review on The Halt Perspective. Spoiler alert: Rendlesham Forest probably wasn’t ET, either.

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And coming soon, a Retro Book Review and Commentary on The Day After Roswell, a masterpiece of disinformation, which turns 20 years old in 2017.

Book Review: “The Halt Perspective”

Please see my take on The Halt Perspective and other things Rendlesham Forest at

It’s a worthwhile addition to anyone’s UFO book collection, but don’t expect a compelling read.

The Halt Perspective is like a 770-page scrapbook of factoids, letters, reports, transcriptions, old news articles, photos and illustrations, but nonetheless a worthwhile reference book for those of us who are obsessed with the confounding, latter-day saga of unexplained aerial phenomena that began roughly 70 years ago.

The review includes a “deconstructing commentary,” which proposes some plausible explanations as to:

  • Why the events at Rendlesham Forest were almost certainly not ET.
  • How Sgt. Penniston’s story smacks of classic disinformation.
  • How that creepy winking eye in the forest was probably a 3-D holographic display, psyops to confuse and distract the military officers.
  • And the likelihood that the UFOs were above-top-secret U.S. surveillance platforms based on electric-field propulsion technology.




The “black budget” and UFOs: a conspiracy for the ages

Ah, those Brits are onto something …

“Similarly, Mr Robinson believes that ‘the governments may want us to believe that what we are seeing in the sky is alien, and it’s not.’ … It was this so-called black budget that was allegedly used to pay for the stealth jets that sparked a huge alien conspiracy in the 1950s.

No … ya think?

But not “stealth jets” … rather … field propulsion …

It’s all in Flying Saucers



Rendlesham Forest – the gift that keeps giving!

Rendlesham has emerged again in the news. By the way, where are those secret Ministry of Defence files about the event, undoubtedly one of the most credible encounters in history?

The agency has continued to shuffle them from one office to another, delaying their publication.

Why? If there were nothing to it, why not just release the records?

After all, this military base doesn’t even exist any more.

Answer: There is something to it!!!!!!

In essence, this was another demonstration of an above-top-secret platform based on an entirely novel type of propulsion technology in development since the 1940s.

We were probing its ability to penetrate even the most sensitive military sites.

The ultimate purpose: If we can penetrate our own highly secure facilities, we can do the same with those of our adversaries.

This is a no-brainer.

But, as I say, it’s all in Flying Saucers.

Interesting article about MJ-12 …

The whole MJ-12 saga is fascinating, and definitely worth further examination.

My feeling is that it was likely a real panel of experts led by Vannevar Bush, but its role had nothing do to with space aliens. Rather, its primary task was to keep UFOs hidden from the public because the phenomenon was largely the result of U.S. military innovation.

The Cold War catalyzed levels of subterfuge and deception never before instituted in peacetime American society.

Later, MJ-12 was hijacked by disinformation specialists, who rightly saw it as a propaganda goldmine. They created fake documents linking MJ-12 to aliens and anonymously delivered them to a prominent ufologist …

The purpose: to reinforce the association of UFOs to the lunatic fringe, thereby marginalizing the subject’s credibility … and the rest was faux history …

But, hey, it’s all in Flying Saucers!

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