Is ufology in disarray? Kevin Randle says no ET at Roswell?

For decades, Kevin Randle has been a key figure in the Roswell saga.

And he has always been a strong proponent of the ET hypothesis, which has dominated the conversation about UFOs forever.

Well, Mr. Randle has finally come to his senses, evidently. He no longer believes there is evidence to support claims for an ET crash at Roswell.

If true, bravo, Kevin Randle!

Does this mean the ET hypothesis is finally starting to crumble?

Who’s next, Richard Dolan, Bill Birnes?

Also, please see my book review on The Halt Perspective. Spoiler alert: Rendlesham Forest probably wasn’t ET, either.

Click to access 120622222.pdf

And coming soon, a Retro Book Review and Commentary on The Day After Roswell, a masterpiece of disinformation, which turns 20 years old in 2017.

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