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Emil Venere is a public affairs professional with about 30 years of science writing experience, both at major research universities and daily newspapers. He holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Arizona and a bachelor's in literature from Ramapo College of New Jersey. He wrote the science fiction novel Flying Saucers.

Interesting coverage of War Zone investigation into Oregon UFO: Was it secret U.S. tech?

Nice article about the War Zone’s investigation into the Oregon UFO.

If it was one of ours, this experiment would have yielded a bounty of data. The radar tapes, the radio communications with pilots.

The audio of the chatter between pilots and air traffic controllers is great! At one point, one of the controllers says the UFO apparently was in “stealth mode.” Does this suggest controllers were assuming it was U.S. military traffic?

Interesting that portions of the recordings were redacted.

I think the writer nailed it here:

Nevada is the site of the ultra-secret US Air Force testing facility, Area 51 (or more officially Groom Lake).

We know the US Air Force is fast-tracking development of its next generation stealth bomber, the B-21 “Raider”. We also know that absolutely everything about this aircraft — including its cost — is top secret.

And that’s probably one of the least secret projects being worked on at Area 51.



War Zone posting of FAA tapes on Oregon UFO encounter is sweet!

Posted on the War Zone blog. Nice job!

This seems really familiar.

The U-2 and SR-71 used to make for some great UFO reports from commercial airline pilots.




Does B-21’s replacement of the B-1 suggest the new bomber will be supersonic?

Am I missing something? The B-21 will replace the B-1. The B-1 is supersonic. Does this suggest the B-21 will be supersonic as well.

The article says: “A concept image of the Raider released in early 2016 shows a similar design to the B-2, suggesting the new bomber will be an upgraded B-2 design that “allows for the use of mature systems and existing technology,” according to an Air Force statement.”

What does it mean?

Russians accuse U.S. of planning to militarize space? We’re already there!


What exactly is Lavrov talking about when he says the U.S. is planning to militarize space?

They are being strangely cryptic.

Dude: The U.S. military is already there!

Did you think the Pentagon would cede the conquest of space to NASA or Elon Musk?

The most pivotal military theater in existence? … Let’s get serious.

I find this little excerpt particularly interesting: (from the linked article) “Lavrov’s speech also comes on the heels of key announcements from the United States: the plans to appoint a three-star vice-commander to ‘assist the commander of Air Force Space Command with his/her responsibility to organize, train and equip space forces’ “

What a revelation! #UFO sightings correlate with U.S. military base locations

By Jove, I think they are onto something here!

However, the writer is only half-way there. He correctly suggests people are falsely linking aliens to U.S. military aircraft. But he fails to suggest the sightings, or at least some of them, are likely the result of above-top-secret Pentagon platforms.

Sometimes it really is a flying saucer, not a Black Hawk helicopter.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

It’s all in Flying Saucers!

Thanks #Nick Pope, but these are not ‘prototypes’ or ‘experimental’ aircraft!

From the article:

The abundance of secret prototypes plying American skies gives plenty of cover to government investigators and skeptical outsiders whose impulse is to dismiss possible evidence of alien life. “That said, there are those in government—including, clearly, some of the intelligence officials who worked in the AATIP—who are prepared to think the unthinkable, and say that some of these things might be extraterrestrial,” Pope said.

Nick, Nick, Nick: These are NOT prototypes, and they are NOT “experimental aircraft.” They are clearly operational platforms that have existed for some time.

Popular Science #UFO commentary touts #terrestrial hypothesis

From the article:

As the New York Times wrote in another piece published last weekend, the U.S. government has been searching for extraterrestrial life on and off for decades. While some information remains classified, so far as we know, we haven’t found anything particularly promising. A more likely explanation for the 2004 San Diego event could be that a government agency, deep within the United States military or the military of another nation, is simply working on new, mind-boggling technologies we’re not privy to yet. Though it may feel like a less exciting rationale for the weird event, there’s immense precedent. Much of the alleged alien activity of the past 80 years has ultimately been revealed as top secret government projects.

I vote U.S. military … we are the only nation with the ongoing, decades-long resources to field this sort of tech … oodles of black money going back to the 1960s … the biggest military budget in the world, by far … I would take it farther … we aren’t “working on” secret tech … we have perfected it. These aren’t so-called ‘experimental’ platforms; they are operational.

It’s nice to see support for an alternative to the damn ET hypothesis, which has dominated the conversation forever!

Thanks #Neil deGrasse Tyson. You are so correct!

Let me read between the lines. I think what he’s saying is that the UFOs in question are likely from planet Earth. It’s all about Uncle Sam, and it always has been, from the Washington UFO encounters in ’52 right up to the present.

I guess the CNN on-air talent didn’t understand what he was suggesting?



Popular Mechanics #UFO piece brings up major issue: USOs!

You know, this Popular Mechanics article brings up another really important issue related to UFOs, which I discussed in Chapter 23 of Flying Saucers.

From the PM article:

There are several interesting details about the sighting here. For one, there were clearly two unidentified objects. The first was a large underwater object that was “much larger than a submarine.” For reference, the U.S. Virginia-class nuclear attack submarines are 377 feet long. The object also had some passing resemblance to a “downed airliner.” This was technically a USO, or unidentified swimming object. Although much rarer than UFOs, such craft have been sighted over the years.

In my humble opinion, the Pentagon’s above-top-secret space program is likely building huge structures on the seafloor, away from the prying eyes of satellite surveillance and far larger than could be fabricated in any hangar. They could assemble these things like giant Legos … perhaps building the individual segments on land, then transporting them to the ocean and then assembling.

That way, it would be possible to construct gigantic space structures. Because, after all, it is far easier to perform welding and other fabrication techniques in the ocean than it is in space. Then, once complete, these structures could simply be powered up and moved into deep space using field-propulsion technology. I suspect the propulsion system would be driven by a nuclear power plant similar to those used in nuclear-powered submarines

Incidentally, I believe the correct term is unidentified submerged object, right?

New #UFO revelations: Popular Mechanics, I think you’ve got it!

I vote door number two!

The second possibility is that the objects are actually operated by an arm of the U.S. government. Rumors of the federal government studying crashed UFOs or experimenting with secret technology have been rampant for decades, though with scant proof. If these were indeed secret U.S. craft, it is clear why they’re being hidden. The Super Hornet was a top of the line aircraft in 2004 and yet the object easily out-maneuvered and out-accelerated it. If America’s enemies mastered such technology, most (but apparently not all) of our armed forces would be defenseless against them.