Month: September 2017

CNN weighs in on Mattis’s cryptic secret weapons reference regarding North Korea


Hmm … now the media are finally catching on … Are we talking about something so overwhelming, so game-changing that North Korea would simply be cowed into submission?

From the CNN article:

Asked at an off-camera briefing at the Pentagon if there are military options that would not put Seoul at “grave risk?” He answered: “Yes there are, but I will not go into details.”

Mattis would not clarify if the options he was referring to are kinetic- meaning strikes using conventional weapons.

The Pentagon is looking at potential covert cyberattack options. But other non-kinetic options could include a show of force in the air or on land in the region or increasing the US military presence in the area by deploying more ships or troops.

Mattis hints at above-top-secret weapons for North Korea standoff

Well, this is certainly interesting and intriguing. Did Sec. Mattis learn of some above-top-secret capability? Why would he say “there are” military options now when he didn’t say so before? What types of weaponry could possible prevent North Korea from shelling Seoul? Perhaps an electromagnetic pulse technology?  If so, how might such a weapon be delivered?

Whatever  these weapons are, he is obviously referring to some capability that is not known to the public.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hinted that the United States still had military options left for dealing with North Korea, but did not elaborate when asked for details Monday … according to Mattis, the Pentagon has a few tricks up its sleeve that wouldn’t involve the decimation of Seoul.

 … When asked, “is there any military option the U.S. can take with North Korea that would not put Seoul at grave risk?” on Monday, Mattis responded, “Yes, there are, but I will not go into details.”

Previously, Mattis said a war with North Korea would “involve the massive shelling of an ally’s capital, which is one of the most densely packed cities on earth,” in reference to Seoul.


All this talk of North Korea ‘options’ … does U.S. have secret weapon?!

These cryptic references to potential military options in Korea remind me of Ash Carter’s mysterious allusions to secret weapons and the “military space community … “

So, let me pose the one question all the media are FAILING TO ASK.

Does the Pentagon have secret weapons that might be used in its stalemate with North Korea?

Also, while I’m at it, let me answer said question: Hell yeah, the Pentagon has secret weapons!

Where have you been?!

It’s all in Flying Saucers …