Month: November 2017

B-21 bomber praised for financial efficiency, but something is fishy

We are getting mere crumbs of information regarding the most important U.S. military program in decades: the B-21 bomber.

Here is yet another scrap, this time from Bloomberg:

While I think the official rendering of the bomber is just propaganda, and the real thing probably will not resemble the B-2, it is very intriguing that the concept art shows no exhaust ports.

Perhaps this feature represents a clue about the propulsion technology?

Articles that purport to describe the bomber’s capabilities just spout vague pronouncements.

I have no reason to doubt the public expressions of praise about the business aspects of the program. Officials are obviously very confident that the company can meet cost requirements.

But exactly how and why they are able to virtually guarantee this result is a deep mystery.

I suspect it stems from the real possibility that the basic platform has already been developed and extensively prototyped; in other words, flown.

The fact remains that we still have no idea, for example, how large it will be, how fast will it fly, payload capacity, exactly how much it will cost, etc.


Oregon UFO makes perfect sense, fits pattern described in ‘Flying Saucers’

Chapter 6 of Flying Saucers paints a remarkably similar scenario: the scrambling of F-15 fighters in response to a UFO sighting.

I wish people would stop saying it makes no sense for it to have been an above-top-secret U.S. military vehicle because it was flying in broad daylight over congested airspace.

It makes perfect sense if we are testing how well the technology can evade detection while performing surveillance over major airports, facilities, and so on. This hypothesis is especially valid if the goal is to conduct military training in true-to-life scenarios and conditions, a so-called “living lab.”

Just the news reports alone would provide practical information, together with radar data from commercial and military airports, etc., all of which would be available.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

It’s all in Flying Saucers!