Month: August 2020

The Pentagon’s UFO task force is a big sham, and the media are falling for it

Wow, the UFO world certainly has been rocked in recent days. The Pentagon last Friday (Aug. 14), announced the formation of a UFO task force to investigate exactly what’s been going on all these years, with U.S. military pilots encountering unidentified aerial phenomena, often in spectacular fashion. #UFOs #Pentagon #DoD #UAPs

Here just a few of the media links to articles reporting on this development:

This is disinformation, and journalists are eating it up.

You know that if the Department of Defense thought this was a real national security threat the Pentagon would have acted long ago. These interactions between military pilots and UFOs have been going on for decades. The Pentagon knows these vehicles don’t represent a threat, and there can be only one reason for that: the UFOs are advanced U.S. military platforms.

However, by appearing to launch in earnest an investigation into UFOs, the Pentagon lends credence to the notion that these are space aliens.  After all, why would the military launch an investigation into UFOs if the UFOs were ours, right?

Brilliant in its simplicity! The approach has been very successful, judging by the media reaction.