Month: July 2022

Someone please tell the U.S. Senate that all the UFOs are created by earthlings, already!

Sheezuss … this is beyond ridiculous at this point!

Would someone please tell the U.S. Senate that all the UFOs, including the Tic-Tacs, are fashioned by earthlings, already?!

That’s why the Pentagon is mum about these encounters. THEY ARE OURS!

What do these people need, an effing roadmap?!

Is there a UFO conspiracy aimed at convincing people that it’s space aliens?

As this editorial in Cracked correctly observes, “there is a bit of a conspiracy to promote” the ET hypothesis.

Yeah, I agree! The entire conversation about UFOs has been dominated by people who are biased toward the ET hypothesis.

It’s time to give the terrestrial hypothesis some ink. There are various flavors if the terrestrial hypothesis, but the main tenet is this: UFOs are not piloted by space aliens but are of earthly construction.

The version of the terrestrial hypothesis that I subscribe to is that the Tic Tacs and other seemingly otherworldly UFOs encountered by U.S. Navy pilots are above-top-secret U.S. weapons platforms. The conspiracy goes all the way back to the 1940s, when there was an initial propulsion breakthrough. The Pentagon has managed to maintain this secret all the way to the present, with the initial propulsion breakthrough evolving into platforms that have astonishing performance capabilities.

The reason the Navy pilots are encountering these platforms is because they are also in training. After all, the sightings have occurred during Navy training missions and in waters reserved specifically for U.S. military training.

So, this particular version of the terrestrial hypothesis posits that it’s not ET. It was never ET.

That means Kenneth Arnold in 1947 saw U.S. military aircraft. The saucers over Washington, D.C., in 1952 were likely demonstrations ordered by President Harry Truman to verify superiority over state-of-the-art fighter jets. Truman had ordered a similar demonstration of the flying wing earlier in his career. I propose that the reason there were two UFO episodes over the White House in 1952 — one week apart — was that Truman wasn’t satisfied after the first demonstration. He wanted to see a more direct interaction with fighter interceptors.

The ET hypothesis is perfectly valid. I’m just saying that we need to consider an alternative. Certainly, the public isn’t being well-served when you have a group of people who are fully ensconced in the ET hypothesis running the show.

Navy pilot quoted by The Hill dismisses theory that UFOs were drones or balloons

Interesting opinion piece in The Hill regarding Navy pilots encountering UFOs.

For me, the primary takeaway is that these aviators apparently don’t believe the UFOs they observed and encountered were drones and balloons.

As one aviator explained, many of these encounters are taking place way out to sea, too far for typical drone or balloon traffic, and the UFOs also are performing in ways that defy any mundane classification.

Yeah, I think it’s a fair assumption that Naval aviators can tell the difference between a drone, a balloon, and a bona fide UFO.

At the same time, I still think all of this fits nicely into the terrestrial hypothesis. That is, these objects are operating in U.S. military training areas, they are being observed predominantly by U.S. military pilots, and their foreign counterparts are apparently not having similar encounters. Therefore, as crazy and counterintuitive as it might seem, these objects are likely secret U.S. military platforms that are unknown to the rest of the military.

The modern, mysterious UFO saga: It all goes back to Harry Truman

Here’s an interesting tidbit in the mysterious and ongoing 75-year-long modern UFO saga.

Maybe Truman’s UFO response was “awkward” because he knew they were just ours all along.

That’s my insane hypothesis, anyway; namely, that Truman knew all about the “flying saucers” because he had a hand in furthering the development of a propulsion breakthrough that remains above-top-secret to this very day.

Fast-forward to 2022, the 70th anniversary of one of the most profound events in UFO lore: the time flying saucers out-performed state-of-the-art fighter jets in the skies over Washington, D.C.

I contend this was by Truman’s own design, that he ordered the demonstration of these flying saucers much as he had ordered a similar demonstration of Northrop’s flying wing years earlier. Perhaps not incidentally, the flying wing’s debut over the White House was marred by engine failure, but the flying saucers performed flawlessly.

So, following this fanciful line of reasoning, the seemingly alien objects encountered by U.S. Navy pilots in recent years are the latest version of this propulsion platform, which represents the backbone of a clandestine U.S. space program that has been operating for decades in parallel to NASA.

The Tic-Tac-shaped craft and various other inexplicable items observed flitting through the heavens are all U.S. military. The reason they have been encountered so frequently over U.S. military training ranges is because they, too, are in training. Under this terrestrial hypothesis, as opposed to the ET hypothesis that dominates UFO discussion, these aerospace platforms are not “experimental aircraft,” but fully operational machines kept entirely shrouded from Congress and the president.

Going farther down this crazy rabbit hole, the Pentagon’s supposed UFO investigations are primarily a smokescreen, but they have unwittingly exposed a top-secret weapon by leaking videos of Navy pilots encountering these objects.