These statistics are telling …

The number of UFO sighting in the United States is about 300 times greater than in the rest of the world.

One factor for the dramatic difference in sightings in the states could be the military industrial complex. Let’s not forget that virtually all UFO flaps, or sightings involving many credible witnesses including police occur either in the United States or in nations that are U.S. allies … (think Phoenix lights, Illinois sighting in 2000, Belgium wave, Washington saucers in 1952, Hudson Valley in 1980s) … this might be due to the possibility that we are testing above top secret technology and radar data, etc., would be readily accessible to U.S. officials requesting such data from U.S. allies. Over the past 30 years there have been NO such flaps in China or Russia … and considering the huge chunk of real estate those countries represent this would seem to be more than a chance statistical anomaly. Why no big flaps in Beijing, Moscow …

‘Phoenix lights’ turns 20: startling UFO flyover fits pattern of similar flaps

Few events in UFO history are as complex and mysterious as the “Phoenix lights.”

On March 13, 1997, a huge V-shape craft was witnessed by hundreds of people including Arizona’s governor, Fife Symington, who years later would give a detailed description of what he saw. A military veteran and pilot himself, he observed a very large, low-altitude craft gliding silently over Squaw Peak.  Many others reported the same thing.

Although this mass sighting was spectacular, it was by no means unique. The Phoenix lights fits into a pattern of similar UFO sightings over several decades that have a curious commonality: virtually all such flaps involving numerous, credible witnesses have taken place either in the United States or in countries that are U.S. allies.

The string of mass sightings begins with the 1980 Rendlesham Forest encounter at two RAF bases leased by the U.S. Air Force; then comes a series of sightings, beginning in 1982, of a boomerang shaped craft in New York’s Hudson River valley; then dramatic sightings in Belgium from 1989-1990 of triangular craft; followed by the Phoenix lights; then, three years later, bizarre low-altitude sightings of a similar craft in Illinois that was witnessed by police in five jurisdictions; and, lastly, the weird 2006 sighting of a disc-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17 at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, witnessed by a dozen airport employees and pilots.

Over the past 35 years or so, there have been virtually no such flaps in, say, China, or Russia. Considering the huge chunk of geography these countries encompass, this would seem to be more than a chance statistical anomaly. At the same time, this agreement in venue supports the idea that these sightings stem from the testing of an advanced U.S. surveillance platform based on a new type of propulsion technology.

It would be impossible to test such a platform in traditional war games involving perhaps hundreds or thousands of personnel without acknowledging its existence. Yet, paradoxically, it would be vitally important to quantify its performance in realistic settings. So the only alternative would be to surreptitiously study its effectiveness in the airspace over cities, military installations and the countryside, a procedure sure to yield a bounty of data indicating how well these vehicles might perform over hostile territory. The radar data alone would provide a wealth of strategic information. But then you also have the accounts of witnesses, revealing, for example, how long the craft were able to loiter over a given area before being detected. If there is any military response, such as deployment of fighter aircraft, then you have data showing the results of these interactions. And, finally, you also have anecdotal information indicating effects on the psyche: how people reacted to the sighting. Were they in awe, were they fearful? Information of value for psychological operations.

This M.O. has been in evidence since flying saucers flew over Washington, D.C., in 1952, prompting the largest press conference since World War II.

While this sort of covert yet overt testing would be risky, it would be far riskier in potentially hostile airspace, where losing such an advanced piece of hardware would be catastrophic.

It’s also worth mentioning that defense officials have recently dropped hints of secret space weapons that could be brought to bear against ISIS.

Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, has vaguely referenced these weapons when suggesting new “options” for President Trump. And, according to an article in USA Today, former Defense Secretary Ash Carter last year “urged the military space community to ‘join the fight’ against the Islamic State, though he declined to describe how.”

Huh? The “military space community” … ? Is this an independent entity that operates under its own authority?

Ash, please explain … you can’t just leave this sort of thing hanging. Drop me a line at

‘Day After Roswell’ – masterpiece of disinformation – turns 20 this year


Please see my “retro book review and commentary” at

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Day After Roswell, billed as the first book to provide “conclusive evidence” that ET crashed in the desert in July 1947.

It would be tempting to dismiss the book, written by retired U.S. Army Col. Philip J. Corso with an assist from veteran ufologist William Birnes, as the product of delusional thinking. However, that would be a gross mischaracterization. The Day After Roswell is a hugely important work, a prime example of disinformation, expertly developed, executed and promoted.



Article posing question: Does U.S. have secret space program?

I find this tidbit from the article particularly interesting:

Mr Marsh added: “Since this brief study, MUFON has received 91 additional triangle cases worldwide that have closed as unknowns; where 66 of those cases occurred between May 22 and December 22, 2016 – and 59 of that final set occurred within the US.”

Thank you, MUFON, for investigating these sightings and also for considering a non-ET hypothesis! I look forward to your findings.

Of course, you know my opinion: The triangles are ours, as are the saucers.

In this vein: A recently concluded Chilean government investigation details the 2014 sighting of a saucer-shape craft. Military officials in Chile took infrared video. Perhaps the huge dark plume is venting of steam after a shutdown of the nuclear reactor, and the two other hot spots are from gas turbine generators. The nuclear reactor would be needed for locomotion under water, while the gas turbines would be needed for atmospheric operation.

Also of recent note: A Pentagon official has suggested the potential use of secret space weapons in the fight against ISIS.

What are these cryptic “options” to which Gen. Goldfein alludes?



Extreme secrecy surrounding B-21 bomber


Thank you Roll Call for reminding us about the bizarre level of non-disclosure regarding the B-21 bomber.

Could it just be the usual shenanigans, or is there some other reason?

Nut graph from the Roll Call article: The Air Force has declined to disclose the total acquisition cost for the B-21 bomber or the total amount of Northrop Grumman’s contract to develop and start building the first 21 planes — figures the Air Force and other services routinely reveal, even for highly secretive programs.


Speculation: Perhaps the new bomber will integrate advanced propulsion technologies that cost less to manufacture than conventional technologies? In other words, it’s something truly different.

I found it very interesting that one source has told the media that the new bomber will use “very mature” technologies, which, nevertheless, may not be known to the public. What? Very mature, yet unknown to the public? What exactly are you saying?



Outstanding UFO investigation by Chilean authorities – Leslie Kean article


Is Leslie Kean the greatest, or what?

Wow. If not for the IR camera, this probably would never have been recorded.

Totally amazing footage and investigation.

Perhaps this is one of those secret Pentagon “space weapons” recently alluded to by Gen. Goldfein? Maybe the hot plume was the ejection of steam after a problem with the nuclear reactor, requiring a shutdown.

Whatever, I think we can be fairly confident this has something to do with the United States.


Is ufology in disarray? Kevin Randle says no ET at Roswell?

For decades, Kevin Randle has been a key figure in the Roswell saga.

And he has always been a strong proponent of the ET hypothesis, which has dominated the conversation about UFOs forever.

Well, Mr. Randle has finally come to his senses, evidently. He no longer believes there is evidence to support claims for an ET crash at Roswell.

If true, bravo, Kevin Randle!

Does this mean the ET hypothesis is finally starting to crumble?

Who’s next, Richard Dolan, Bill Birnes?

Also, please see my book review on The Halt Perspective. Spoiler alert: Rendlesham Forest probably wasn’t ET, either.

And coming soon, a Retro Book Review and Commentary on The Day After Roswell, a masterpiece of disinformation, which turns 20 years old in 2017.

Book Review: “The Halt Perspective”

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It’s a worthwhile addition to anyone’s UFO book collection, but don’t expect a compelling read.

The Halt Perspective is like a 770-page scrapbook of factoids, letters, reports, transcriptions, old news articles, photos and illustrations, but nonetheless a worthwhile reference book for those of us who are obsessed with the confounding, latter-day saga of unexplained aerial phenomena that began roughly 70 years ago.

The review includes a “deconstructing commentary,” which proposes some plausible explanations as to:

  • Why the events at Rendlesham Forest were almost certainly not ET.
  • How Sgt. Penniston’s story smacks of classic disinformation.
  • How that creepy winking eye in the forest was probably a 3-D holographic display, psyops to confuse and distract the military officers.
  • And the likelihood that the UFOs were above-top-secret U.S. surveillance platforms based on electric-field propulsion technology.




The “black budget” and UFOs: a conspiracy for the ages

Ah, those Brits are onto something …

“Similarly, Mr Robinson believes that ‘the governments may want us to believe that what we are seeing in the sky is alien, and it’s not.’ … It was this so-called black budget that was allegedly used to pay for the stealth jets that sparked a huge alien conspiracy in the 1950s.

No … ya think?

But not “stealth jets” … rather … field propulsion …

It’s all in Flying Saucers