Well, at least this Washington Post article got one thing right: The UFOs aren’t space aliens

From today’s Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/2021/08/11/stop-ufo-mania-no-evidence-of-aliens/

Right. It’s not ET, it was never ET, from Kenneth Arnold in 1947, to the Washington, D.C., saucers in 1952, to the rural Illinois encounters in 2000, to sightings over the Hudson Valley and Belgium during the 1980s and 1990s and the Chicago O’Hare sighting in 2006, etc., etc. … it was always Uncle Sam. So, what we have is likely a series of propulsion breakthroughs. Purely terrestrial. Entirely dreamed up and executed by earthlings. Entirely shrouded in secrecy. That makes it EVEN A BIGGER story than if it had been space aliens because that means someone right here on earth has achieved this capability. We have the radar data. We have eyewitness descriptions from credible observers (military and commercial pilots, law enforcement officers, etc.) There is no question that UFOs exist. The Pentagon never intended to release those now famous Tic Tac ufo videos and only did so, grudgingly, after they were leaked to the media. Then, by insisting that these objects remain of unknown origin, officials have added more fuel to conspiracy theories about space aliens.

Research: Pentagon UFO report seems to have boosted support for ET hypothesis

Research shows that the government releasing its UFO report increased the public’s support for the ET hypothesis. You have to wonder, was this by design? https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/07/30/ufos-exist-might-come-beyond-earth-us-said-will-that-encourage-conspiracy-theorists/

Did the U.S. use antigravity tech to shut down its own nuke-missile launch systems?

Another story about UFOs shutting down nuclear missile sites.

While you might think this indicates space alien involvement, I would argue just the opposite. My hypothesis is that this was the Pentagon testing new technologies to shut down the launch mechanism in the event of the Big One.

The idea is that if you can shut down your own nuke sites, penetrate the hardened electronics, evade security, etc., etc., then you should also be able to neutralize those of your adversaries.

I propose these were above-top-secret U.S. military platforms that operate using field propulsion.  

I further propose the United States has had this propulsion technology, in one form or another, since the post-war period and that it has been evolving ever since. So now we see the most recent products, like the Tic Tac vehicle encountered by Navy pilots.

Congress: Don’t expect too much from upcoming UFO report. What a surprise!

This just in: Congressional representatives who received a sneak-peek briefing about the upcoming UFO report have warned that the public shouldn’t expect too much. So, there won’t be any real clarity, and the issue will remain unresolved.


First of all, what a surprise!

Was anyone seriously expecting anything else?

You know my opinion, that the most bizarre UFOs being encountered – the so-called tic tacs, for example — are actually top-secret U.S. weapons that have existed for many years. They use a field-propulsion system first developed under extreme secrecy around seventy-five years ago, and this technology has evolved over the decades.

So, it was always us, from Kenneth Arnold’s seminal sighting in 1947, to the 1952 Washington, D.C., saucers and right to the present. And by the way, doesn’t Arnold’s description resemble the Horton HO 229 bomber, designed by the Germans during WWII? The super classified platforms are not “experimental aircraft,” but fully operational weapons systems operated by an elite group within the U.S. military that is unknown to the rest of the military, unknown to Congress, unknown to the president. Under this scenario, that would mean Harry Reid’s UFO task force investigation has unwittingly exposed a Pentagon weapons system.

It’s laughable that journalists trust the Pentagon to admit the UFOs are ours

I see example after example of journalists trusting the Pentagon when it says, “It’s not us,” in reference to UFOs.

How many times have you read the following? “Well, the Pentagon says it’s not a top secret American weapon, so that eliminates that possibility.”


Since when do we just accept what authority tells us about something this profound? Given the legacy of deception over the years, we should be questioning every word out of their mouths when it comes to the entire subject of UFOs.

In fact, considering that the authorities are going out of their way to stress this point – that it’s not us – journalists should be even more suspicious of the whole can of worms. I can understand why people are so dubious about the idea that we could possess a propulsion system so advanced. The problem, however, is that people are not going back all the way to the time and place where the modern UFO phenomenon began.

I would argue that there hasn’t been a sudden breakthrough, but a constant evolution that began seventy-five years ago.

Public UFO Angst Demands Pentagon News Conference

Interesting wording ‘…incursions initially designated as UAP.’


Remember that big UFO presser the Pentagon held in Washington, D.C., way back in 1952, the one organized in response to public concerns about encounters between flying saucers and military jets?

Well, in the teeth of current public angst over UFOs, fueled largely by the recent experiences of U.S. Navy personnel, it is time for an encore. I sincerely hope this time the feds won’t blame it all on atmospheric temperature inversions, as they did in 1952 in efforts to explain away blips on radar that coincidentally lined up with eyewitness accounts of said UFOs.

My view is that these encounters are the result of training by an elite group within the U.S. military unknown to conventional forces. The military is either getting ready to use these weapons more regularly or already is using these weapons more regularly.

Either way, no matter how advanced a weapons system is, its successful use in actual military conflict is not guaranteed without proper training.

Washington Post UFO column fails to ask: What if it’s not ET?

A column about UFOs in the Washington Post asks the familiar question, what if we are being visited by ET?


Perhaps the more interesting question might be, what if it’s not ET at all? The Pentagon never intended to release the now-famous Tic Tac UFO videos and only did so after they were leaked. I propose an entirely different scenario: The UFOs are ours. Not “experimental aircraft,” but fully operational platforms. The reason we are seeing them so frequently around U.S. military facilities, especially during training missions, is that they are in training themselves. They are training for the next war. If this scenario were true, that would mean the recent investigations, first detailed by the New York Times in 2017, have unwittingly exposed a Pentagon program. Curiously, we see that Sen. Rubio recently proclaimed these UFOs are penetrating sensitive military airspace, seemingly at will. He claims these are not of the U.S. military and that they could be ET, or even our geopolitical rivals. But then in the same breath he says we have no worries …  huh? You mean to tell me that if the U.S. military knew its airspace was being penetrated  — even at times dominated — by invaders from space or elsewhere that there would not be more of a sense of urgency about the whole matter? Instead, Sen. Rubio tells us the much-anticipated UFO report will be late and that it won’t reach any hard conclusions … that seems mighty suspicious to me.

Sen. Rubio on UFOs: ‘It isn’t ours.’ Translation: It’s ours.

It sure seems like Senator Marco Rubio went out of his way to assert “It isn’t ours,” when asked by Fox News interviewer Bartiromo about UFOs.

He went on to deal a serious buzzkill to the rather sensational news from former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that the upcoming UFO report from the Pentagon would be coming out by June 1 and that it would contain previously unseen reports of UFOs traveling faster than the speed of sound without causing a sonic boom.

Rubio said the much-anticipated report likely won’t meet that deadline, and it also wouldn’t reach any conclusions.

This smacks of serious subterfuge.

Also, there has been recent news about the obvious stonewalling on the part of the military to reveal exactly what’s going on regarding UFOs and the U.S. military.

In my opinion, what’s going on here is that the UFOs are not invaders from space or adversarial countries. The UFOs are above-top-secret U.S. technology operated by an elite unit of the military unknown to other branches and departments. The encounters are the result of training, which is needed to ready the use of these weapons in future conflict. They are training without the advance knowledge of Navy personnel to not only shroud the existence of these weapons from the public but also to mimic real-life military conflict.

The data collected from various sensors and radars would prove essential to understanding how stealthy these weapons would be in true-to-life military missions.

To The Stars Academy was never going to find the truth about UFOs

Interesting article about To The Stars Academy: https://medium.com/on-the-trail-of-the-saucers/ttsa-638f93173240

I was never on board with “the dream” simply because when you are so fully ensconced in the ET hypothesis, you’re never going to find the truth. People are so convinced of their own omniscience regarding black programs and that the Pentagon couldn’t possibly have a breakaway propulsion technology. Therefore, they fail to give any credence to the terrestrial hypothesis. They fail to investigate that possibility. And they do us all a terrible injustice.

Yes, of course the TTSA must be credited for outing those now-famous Navy videos documenting encounters with the tic-tac UFOs . However, at the same time, in my opinion, what they unwittingly did was expose a Pentagon program. In other words, the tic tacs and various other objects sighted by military pilots are, in fact, products of the U.S. military, training in parallel with white-world hardware. The Pentagon never intended for those videos to be made public, and it only did so after the videos were leaked.

The TTSA was always burdened by an overconfidence, an inherent arrogance owing to the fact that its founders embraced exclusively the ET hypothesis as an underlying principle.

So, now we know the truth: It was always just good entertainment. Meanwhile, the U.S. media continue their aimless sleepwalking in the murky and mysterious realm of UFOs, woefully unaware and incapable.