Sen. Mike Rounds evidently has seen B-21 Bomber (#B21Bomber #MikeRounds)

U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds spoke cryptically about the B-21 Bomber on KOTA TV in South Dakota.

Rounds told KOTA , “When the time is right and folks actually get the opportunity to see what this new platform is, I don’t think there will be anybody that will not be impressed.”

So, it seems evident that Rounds has seen the bomber. If true, does that mean there is a full-scale prototype? His comment also suggests the new bomber is fundamentally different from the B-2 stealth bomber, although an official Air Force artistic rendering closely resembles the B-2.

Maybe the B-21 is way different.


Was John Lennon’s flying saucer a U.S. surveillance gizmo? (#JohnLennon)

Just saw this article about John Lennon’s flying saucer drawing. (#JohnLennon #flyingsaucers)

Lennon drew his flying saucer because he saw one hovering outside his New York apartment. I propose he was being surveilled electronically by U.S. authorities, and that the flying saucer was just one of ours … an above-top-secret technology we’ve had for 70 years …

As to why the authorities would want to spy on Lennon, our history is rife with examples of federal surveillance of prominent people, from Martin Luther King to Frank Sinatra.

Oh, and, by the way, flying saucers are ideal for stealth and airborne surveillance.

But, then, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

It’s all in Flying Saucers!


Space Force article offers solution to UFO riddle (#SpaceForce)

Interesting ruminations about the U.S. military’s role regarding a hypothetical ET invasion.

The article discusses President Trump’s plans to form a Space Force (#SpaceForce) and spells out which military branches would defend against ET.

Anyway, in my opinion, the author nails it here.

From the article: “The ‘UFOs’ people are seeing could even be top secret U.S. government craft. The aliens could be us. In the end, maybe it doesn’t matter if the Pentagon has a plan to fight aliens after all.”

Will the B-21 bomber operate in low-Earth orbit?


Posted on Feb. 4, 2019

Noticed this Popular Mechanics article, where Air Force Chief of Staff Dave Goldfein suggests a future tanker will operate in low-Earth orbit. Perhaps this is because the new B-21 bomber will operate there?

From the article: Then again, money might be less of a consideration than we think. In his interview with AvWeek, Goldfein remarked that his next generation tanker could “operate at low-Earth orbit” and that while it might sound “a little bit odd” for him to discuss a future tanker with Air Force Space Command, it makes “perfect sense.” What he means is anyone’s guess, but here’s a stab at something that could operate along those lines: a tanker that could stay in orbit for months or even years at a time, much like the X-37B spaceplane, and then descend down into airspace to deliver fuel to friendly aircraft before accelerating back up into the relative safety of orbit again. Whatever the case, it sounds exciting…and expensive.

New York Times gets UFO story wrong, again …

Good Blue Book article, but the New York Times makes the same mistake, again. We don’t know that the UFOs represented “an apparently technological phenomenon that was beyond human control” … as the article asserts.

I wish ufology would stop making this assumption. It’s pretty telling that many sightings happened near U.S. military bases.

Let’s start considering the terrestrial hypothesis.

Namely, that the UFOs are a product of an above-top-secret U.S. military program going all the way back to World War II and that only a certain, elite segment of the military establishment is aware of this.

This seems like such a no-brainer …

Harry Reid states the obvious about UFOs

I commend the former Senator from Nevada for his outstanding efforts in this arena.

From the article: “But Reid said that the Pentagon has not done enough since then.
‘Frankly, I think the federal government has done almost nothing to help us with this,’ ” Reid said.

Perhaps this is because UFOs represent no threat to the United States? Perhaps because they are virtually all above-top-secret Pentagon platforms, some of which were developed 70 years ago?

Perhaps because it isn’t about ET, it was never about ET?

I can’t pretend to know this, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Popular Mechanics B-21 bomber article suggests basic platform already developed

This Popular Mechanics article updating us on the progress of the B-21 bomber doesn’t really say anything new. However, given the paucity of any news about the B-21, I thought it worthwhile to mention it.

Here’s my biggest takeaway from the article: “… B-21’s ‘proposed funding and deployment schedule implied that considerable development had been accomplished prior to contract award. … both competing designs were at an unusually high level of detail and development for a system in which the prime contractor had not been selected.’ ”

So, the basic platform’s already been developed?

This would suggest it’s been flying in one form or another for years. Obviously, not as a bomber, but as something …

History’s ‘Project Blue Book’ comment on UFO cover-up

Ed and David: I saw, and agree with, your comments in this article about History’s upcoming “Project Blue Book”
New show explores if U.S. Air Force ‘hushed up’ UFO sightings in Project Blue Book

From the article:

“History Channel/Ed Araquel Executive producer and writer David O’Leary told a panel at Comic-Con this week, ‘On the subject of UFOs, part of the story is the cover-up, the lying, the misinformation campaign to control public perception.’”

The question is, what exactly was being covered up, evidence of ET or something else?

When are you guys FINALLY going to produce a program exploring the “terrestrial hypothesis” instead of the ET hypothesis?

It’s all in Flying Saucers.

Emil Venere

Was solar observatory closure related to spying over Tularosa Basin?

Hmmm, this article raises many questions.

As the story suggests, perhaps the investigation relates to spying on top secret testing activities around the Tularosa Basin. Now, I’m not saying there are flying saucers over the Tularosa Basin, as was proposed in Flying Saucers … but who knows?