Just say YES to #UFOS … and NO to aliens … the real conspiracy is on the verge of collapse!


From the Washington Post article:

“We do believe that something did happen at Roswell,” one source close to the investigation told The Post’s Jack Anderson and Michael Binstein in 1995. “Something big. We don’t know if it was a plane that crashed with a nuclear device on it . . . or if it was some other experimental situation. But everything we’ve seen so far points to an attempt on the part of the Air Force to lead anybody that looks at this down another track.”


Well, well, well … are people finally starting to catch on? I vote “other experimental situation.”

We’re talking about a 70-year-old conspiracy that’s just about to come crashing down.

Because, remember: Conspiracies are created and maintained by human beings. Human beings are fallible, sometimes catastrophically so. Hence, conspiracies are fallible.

And, did I mention, it’s all in Flying Saucers?!


Thanks Politico, New York Times, for #UFO expose: but these are not alien …


I fail to see ANY MENTION of the very real possibility that these vehicles are of U.S. origin and the reason the program funding ended was because revealing this program represents a threat to national security.

From the article:

“Was this China or Russia trying to do something or has some propulsion system we are not familiar with?” said a former staffer who spoke with POLITICO on condition of anonymity.

Or, duh … are they of U.S. origin?!

The answer is in Flying Saucers!

Why ‘internal opposition’ to #UFO program? Answer: The UFOs are U.S. military!

Yet another article about the recent UFO revelations:


From the article:

But Elizondo said the only thing that had ended was the effort’s government funding, which dried up in 2012. From then on, Elizondo said in an interview, he worked with officials from the Navy and the CIA. He continued to work out of his Pentagon office until this past October, when he resigned to protest what he characterized as excessive secrecy and internal opposition.

There is one very plausible explanation for this “internal opposition” to the program: It threatened to expose a 70-year-old conspiracy in which the U.S. military has built and perfected a fleet of above-top-secret field propulsion vehicles.

It’s all in Flying Saucers.

#Harry Reid, #UFO revelations and underwater construction activities

Additional thoughts about the recent reporting:


From the article:

Then, Commander Fravor looked down to the sea. It was calm that day, but the waves were breaking over something that was just below the surface. Whatever it was, it was big enough to cause the sea to churn.

Analysis: Well, it’s fairly obvious that we (the United States) is engaged in underwater construction activities and that these activities are associated with the UFO phenomenon.

Specifically: It would be possible to construct HUGE aircraft and spacecraft on the seafloor, away from the prying eyes of satellite surveillance. These modular structures way too large to build in standard hangars without the danger of public exposure. The modules could be built on land and then transported to the ocean, where they would be welded together.

When completed, these vehicles could simply be lofted into space during the cover of night. The result: instant space stations far more sophisticated than anything constructed with conventional methods.

At any rate, it’s all in Flying Saucers.

The #UFOs pose no threat to U.S. pilots because THEY ARE OURS!

Another article about #Harry Reid’s UFO program, this time from the Washington Post:


From the article:

“Despite overwhelming evidence at both the classified and unclassified levels, certain individuals in the [Defense] Department remain staunchly opposed to further research on what could be a tactical threat to our pilots, sailors and soldiers, and perhaps even an existential threat to our national security,” Elizondo said in the letter, a copy of which was provided to The Post.


  • They pose NO THREAT because they are the result of an above-top-secret U.S. military program that has existed for 70 years.
  • Question: Why did the feds cut off funding to the program? Answer: because revealing the existence of this program poses a grave national security threat.
  • When will people start giving serious credence to the terrestrial hypothesis. Answer: never?

Ah, but it’s all in Flying Saucers!


Interesting New York Times #UFO article, but boy are they missing the real story …


From the article:

For his part, Mr. Reid said he did not know where the objects had come from. “If anyone says they have the answers now, they’re fooling themselves,” he said. “We do not know.”


Harry, Harry, Harry: I have the answer. No, it’s NOT China. No, it’s NOT the Russians.

Dude, it’s just good old Uncle Sam. What do you people need, a damn road map?

Anyway, it’s all in Flying Saucers.

Why don’t you splurge for a change and buy a copy, cheapskate …


B-21 bomber praised for financial efficiency, but something is fishy

We are getting mere crumbs of information regarding the most important U.S. military program in decades: the B-21 bomber.

Here is yet another scrap, this time from Bloomberg:


While I think the official rendering of the bomber is just propaganda, and the real thing probably will not resemble the B-2, it is very intriguing that the concept art shows no exhaust ports.

Perhaps this feature represents a clue about the propulsion technology?

Articles that purport to describe the bomber’s capabilities just spout vague pronouncements.

I have no reason to doubt the public expressions of praise about the business aspects of the program. Officials are obviously very confident that the company can meet cost requirements.

But exactly how and why they are able to virtually guarantee this result is a deep mystery.

I suspect it stems from the real possibility that the basic platform has already been developed and extensively prototyped; in other words, flown.

The fact remains that we still have no idea, for example, how large it will be, how fast will it fly, payload capacity, exactly how much it will cost, etc.


Oregon UFO makes perfect sense, fits pattern described in ‘Flying Saucers’

Chapter 6 of Flying Saucers paints a remarkably similar scenario: the scrambling of F-15 fighters in response to a UFO sighting.


I wish people would stop saying it makes no sense for it to have been an above-top-secret U.S. military vehicle because it was flying in broad daylight over congested airspace.

It makes perfect sense if we are testing how well the technology can evade detection while performing surveillance over major airports, facilities, and so on. This hypothesis is especially valid if the goal is to conduct military training in true-to-life scenarios and conditions, a so-called “living lab.”

Just the news reports alone would provide practical information, together with radar data from commercial and military airports, etc., all of which would be available.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

It’s all in Flying Saucers!

Sec. Mattis: Mysterious Pentagon weapons are ‘global in their positioning, reach’

U.S. military officials are hinting of secret weapons that have “other capabilities” and are “global in their positioning.”

These comments surfaced over the weekend in a Washington Post article regarding tensions on the Korean peninsula: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/10/29/in-standoff-with-north-korea-the-u-s-keeps-deployment-of-strategic-assets-mysterious/?utm_term=.47f14590f525

They seem to be reminiscent of former defense secretary Ash Carter’s cryptic references to secret weapons.

Anyway, here are a few tantalizing tidbits from the Post article:

Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: “Is it different things? No … Is it doing different things at different times? Yes. And is it incorporating other capabilities on occasion? Yes.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has been even more vague. Asked Saturday at a news conference in Seoul if strategic assets will stay on the South Korean Peninsula for a fixed amount of time, he declined to answer.

“Regarding our strategic assets, they are global in their positioning,” he said. “They are global in their reach, and we are quite assured that they are in a position to be responsive . . . So, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Ooh, the B-21 bomber is a ‘clean-sheet’ design, does not resemble B-2!

Well, this is my big takeaway from Anthony Capaccio’s article in Bloomberg.


Money also will be spent on producing engineering drawings for a “clean-sheet” design, he said, which means the new bomber won’t be an adaptation of the B-2 stealth bomber or other existing aircraft, as some analysts have suggested.

Northrop’s performance is “generally on track” and “within the windows of expected progress that we’ve expected at this point,” Donovan said. Still, “there is some risk in this program because it’s a brand new, clean-sheet design. So we’ll work through those.”


So, what ever happened to that Air Force concept drawing that strongly resembled the B-2? Was it a complete ruse, a distraction to confuse the media?

Other officials have said the new platform is based on extensively tested technology that is “very mature” yet unknown to the public.

What does it mean? Perhaps the B-21 is something completely different, to borrow a phrase from the great Monty Python.

Thank you, Mr. Capaccio!