Month: October 2016

Plot thickens in Rendlesham cover-up!

This was so predictable. They have continued to delay the release of these documents, and every time it has been perplexing.

But it’s also really telling.

You know the Pentagon is involved in the delay. I assume this dramatic UFO encounter has everything to do with secret weapons technologies and probably nothing to do with aliens. I also think the vast U.S. disinformation machinery has played a critical role in confusing the public and press about what happened at Rendlesham.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

The BBC has joined the Flying Dorito party. What is going on here …?

… this is great stuff … I mean it!

Mysterious Flying Dorito UFO Appears Again Over England


It seems fairly evident that this thing is being exhibited … it is being flown at low altitude and before dark, and someone wants it photographed, engendering coverage in the mainstream media.

Could this have something to do with Ash Carter’s cryptic mention of Pentagon “surprises,” which he has repeated several times in recent appearances? A commonality is the humming noise coming from it … perhaps evidence of a new type of electric-field propulsion technology?

Unfortunately, these stories lack detail. For example, what happened to the thing after she took a photo of it? Did it fly away? What was her estimate of its altitude? The airport guy mentions several possible explanations … but none seems likely. However, he never considers the possibility of a hang glider. Could this just be a hang glider? But that doesn’t seem to fit earlier sightings …


Flying saucers shadowing Russian train in 1955!

Hmm … let’s see … top American officials are on a train in Russia in 1955 … they all see two flying saucers … wow … what a coincidence! Americans just happen to be on a fact-finding mission in Russia during the height of the Cold War … and the flying saucers just happen to show up …

Do you think there might be a connection to the United States?!

Do you think we might be using our ultimate above-top-secret platform for critical surveillance?

I do … and, did I mention, it’s all in Flying Saucers?


China UFO: Is this what Ash Carter was alluding to by Asia Pacific ‘surprises’?

People in Guangzhou filmed what appeared to be a traffic-stopping flying saucer, in a video recently posted online.

Assuming this isn’t bogus, and that is a big if … could this be one of Ash Carter’s Asia Pacific “surprises,” which he has alluded to several times in public talks?


New ‘explosive’ book about Rendlesham Forest incident!

Well, well, well … I think these statements from Col. Halt are most intriguing:

“He also claimed the conclusions of MoD investigations into what happened had never seemed to be released.”

“He added: ‘In the last six years the British have released a ton of information, but has anybody ever seen what their conclusions were, or heard anything about Rendlesham officially?’ “

Rather than going down the familiar ET rabbit hole … let’s propose another possible explanation for this insanely important event: The reason for the cover-up is not aliens.

Instead, the reason for the subterfuge is that this whole event was a demonstration of an above top secret U.S. platform that was being tested on a major military base to study its potential effectiveness in penetrating bases operated by adversaries of the time, primarily the Soviet Union.

After all, if they could penetrate a major NATO base, they could penetrate any base anywhere in the world. And it’s a lot safer than testing it on the real thing … say a Soviet facility, where you could end up losing one of these platforms and risk it being reverse engineered.

This is a common theme over the past 60-odd years of the modern UFO phenomenon … beginning with the 1952 flying saucer flap over Washington D.C. and extending all the way to the present … including the Phoenix lights, the Illinois flap, the Hudson Valley, the Belgium wave …  the Iran flap (which happened at a time when Iran was a U.S. ally) … and the O’Hare International Airport saucer …

It’s all the same thing, man. Just Uncle Sam, not ET.

And, did I mention, it’s all in Flying Saucers …


Operational Secret Weapons: ‘We like to have surprises … they train here as well … ‘

What exactly is Secretary of Defense Carter alluding to here? What a tease!

He is speaking at an Air Force venue that includes Area 51.

It would seem obvious that he is referring to platforms that are unknown to most members of the service, and, by extension, to the public. Moreover, these platforms are not experimental but operational … “they train here as well … “

It also would seem obvious that the Pentagon is deliberately putting this out there. But why? Perhaps to send a message to potential adversaries?

Well, as long as he remains cryptic, all we can do is wonder. Anyway, something is going on …