The BBC has joined the Flying Dorito party. What is going on here …?

… this is great stuff … I mean it!

Mysterious Flying Dorito UFO Appears Again Over England


It seems fairly evident that this thing is being exhibited … it is being flown at low altitude and before dark, and someone wants it photographed, engendering coverage in the mainstream media.

Could this have something to do with Ash Carter’s cryptic mention of Pentagon “surprises,” which he has repeated several times in recent appearances? A commonality is the humming noise coming from it … perhaps evidence of a new type of electric-field propulsion technology?

Unfortunately, these stories lack detail. For example, what happened to the thing after she took a photo of it? Did it fly away? What was her estimate of its altitude? The airport guy mentions several possible explanations … but none seems likely. However, he never considers the possibility of a hang glider. Could this just be a hang glider? But that doesn’t seem to fit earlier sightings …


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