Month: May 2018

Warp Drive report, #Casimir effect and Illinois 2000 UFO flap


Interesting article!

The most salient details are:

“Control of this higher dimensional space may bе а source of technological control оvеr the dark energy density and could ultimately play а role in the development of exotic propulsion technologies; specifically, а warp drive,” the authors write. “[T]rips to the planets within our own solar system would take hours rather than years, and journeys to local star system would be measured in weeks rather than hundreds of thousands of years.”

Those concepts include dark energy; general relativity, which Albert Einstein pioneered and predicted some bizarre-yet-real phenomena in the universe (like the warping of spacetime and gravitational waves); the Casimir effect, which describes the existence of a quantum “vacuum energy”; and M-theory — the idea that perhaps seven extra dimensions (which a warp drive could exploit) may be wrapped up in the four we’re familiar with, including time.


Opinion: We’re already there! We’re already harnessing the Casimir effect! It’s all in Flying Saucers.

As evidence I cite the Illinois UFO event of January 2000:

Tic Tac UFO article in War Zone

Great article about the Tic Tac UFO.

Just a note: The report says the UFO “… was no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory …” but the article paraphrases it to say “represented technology not currently in the possession of the U.S. … ” These are not necessarily the same thing.

The only thing we really know is that the UFO was able to thoroughly dominate top-of-the-line, white-world military tech.

If these are aliens, why do they seem to habitually hang out either over the United States or nations friendly to the United States? Why do we not seem to have similar recent encounters in or near nations that are not allies of the United States. A skeptic might think the reason is that the radar and other sensor data would be available to the Pentagon if such encounters were to occur in the U.S. and in the skies of our allies. Whereas the data would not be available for such encounters in, say, China or Russia.

Taking this line of reasoning a step further, if this were some form of above-top-secret U.S. tech unknown to other branches of the military, all the sensor data would have been extremely valuable for assessing the effectiveness of this super-secret platform.



George Knapp’s I-Team and the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO


Seems like possible disinformation.

How could the report preparers be certain this is not an above-top-secret U.S. technology? Think of the treasure trove of data made possible by such an encounter. Being able to dominate F-18s would mean they could dominate any military platform anywhere in the world.

Just saying …



Washington Post offers alternative to ET hypothesis for UFOs


Found today on the Washington Post site …although, it looks to be originally published in December 2017.

Here’s the takeaway:

Gaping holes in out-there theories had an easy explanation: The government is working diligently to keep the real story under wraps.

“We do believe that something did happen at Roswell,” one source close to the investigation told The Post’s Jack Anderson and Michael Binstein in 1995. “Something big. We don’t know if it was a plane that crashed with a nuclear device on it . . . or if it was some other experimental situation. But everything we’ve seen so far points to an attempt on the part of the Air Force to lead anybody that looks at this down another track.”