Month: August 2022

Congress is concerned about those ‘transmedium’ UFOs, but the Pentagon is not

There has been a lot of chatter lately about how Congress is concerned about the slow pace of investigations into those transmedium UFOs, so named because they can traverse the oceans, the atmosphere and space with equal ease. Popular Science lays out the disconnect between the nation’s civilian leadership and the military.

I would respectfully submit to the conversation the simple observation that there can be only one logical reason for the Pentagon to be unconcerned about the alleged threat these UFOs pose: The DoD knows these aren’t ET, they aren’t from other nations or the private sector. They are above-top-secret U.S. military weapons known only to a small, extremely compartmentalized group within the Pentagon.

Following this line of reasoning, this would mean even other parts of the military establishment are unaware of this secret program. Congress doesn’t have a need to know, the public doesn’t have a need to know, and even our largely civilian space program, NASA, doesn’t have a need to know.

Is there something the government isn’t telling us about UFOs?

Now they’re finally asking the right question! Not, are we alone … ?

Here’s what all those UFO sightings might be — and what the military may know

They’re starting to finally ask: Are we being deceived?

I have the answer: Hell, yeah, there’s something the government isn’t telling us about UFOs!

Primarily, the government isn’t telling us that the UFOs are ours. But I suspect the real story is far more complicated, a seventy-five-year-long conspiracy that will likely never be fully understood by the public.