Month: April 2018

#Podesta on Ancient Aliens: This is what’s wrong with ‘ufology’



Another Ancient Aliens season premiere, another pathetic display of what’s wrong with ufology.

Dude: Hillary Clinton would not have been able to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

The conspiracy has nothing to do with space aliens.

Let me see if I get the basic premise: Extraordinarily advanced civilizations have mastered interstellar travel, developing propulsion technologies capable of velocities far in excess of light speed. They are tens of thousands of years ahead of us, perhaps even millions of years further evolved than the human race.

Yet, they haven’t learned how to land their spacecraft.

They travel trillions of miles, only to crash in their flimsy little flying saucers. And that’s not all: They only seem to crash in North America. They don’t crash in Asia. They don’t crash in Africa. They don’t crash in the vast deserts of the Middle East, even though these regions collectively represent far more land area than North America.

Now, does that make any sense?

I’ll tell you what does make sense: It was never ET.

Kenneth Arnold’s seminal sighting in 1947 wasn’t ET, Roswell wasn’t ET, the Washington D.C. encounters in 1952 weren’t ET; Kecksburg wasn’t ET; the Hudson Valley wasn’t ET; the Belgium wave wasn’t ET; the Phoenix lights wasn’t ET; the O’Hare International Airport saucer wasn’t ET … etc., etc., etc.

It wasn’t Russia. It wasn’t China. It wasn’t North Korea.

It was always just good old Uncle Sam. And do you know why? Because only the United States has had the financial resources to sink tens of billions of dollars annually into black programs year after year after year for decades going back to the 1950s.

And, all the while, no one has “a need to know.” Not Congress. Not the President. Not politicos and former Pentagon apparatchiks at To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

Furthermore, you and Giorgio and Nick and the entire cast are doing the public a disservice by continuing to tout this ridiculous ET hypothesis that has dominated the conversation FOREVER, to the exclusion of any other more logical discussion.

What, you think the 2014 Navy sighting was ET? You think the more recent encounters with commercial airline pilots were ET?

Rubbish! Pilots of the past reported the U-2 and SR-71 as UFOs. Present-day aviators are doing the same.

You might ask, why is the Pentagon allowing the release of videos taken during recent military encounters? I say, maybe there’s a genius to this strategy. That way, you never officially acknowledge that these platforms exist, but you slip it into the public consciousness, and you send a message to your potential adversaries.

But who really knows why? However, to suggest it’s because the government is preparing the public for “disclosure” is absurd.

I agree with you guys on one point: Yeah, there’s a HUGE conspiracy. But you’re missing it … you are just missing it.

Alternative to #AncientAliens needed …


Watched the premiere of the new season, where they address the 2014 sighting that was featured in the New York Times coverage.

These people are fully ensconced in the ET hypothesis. They trotted out the same, tired lineup, led by Nick Pope.

The public begs for an intelligent alternative to this crappy fare.

There is good money to be made in the terrestrial hypothesis.

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