New ‘explosive’ book about Rendlesham Forest incident!

Well, well, well … I think these statements from Col. Halt are most intriguing:

“He also claimed the conclusions of MoD investigations into what happened had never seemed to be released.”

“He added: ‘In the last six years the British have released a ton of information, but has anybody ever seen what their conclusions were, or heard anything about Rendlesham officially?’ “

Rather than going down the familiar ET rabbit hole … let’s propose another possible explanation for this insanely important event: The reason for the cover-up is not aliens.

Instead, the reason for the subterfuge is that this whole event was a demonstration of an above top secret U.S. platform that was being tested on a major military base to study its potential effectiveness in penetrating bases operated by adversaries of the time, primarily the Soviet Union.

After all, if they could penetrate a major NATO base, they could penetrate any base anywhere in the world. And it’s a lot safer than testing it on the real thing … say a Soviet facility, where you could end up losing one of these platforms and risk it being reverse engineered.

This is a common theme over the past 60-odd years of the modern UFO phenomenon … beginning with the 1952 flying saucer flap over Washington D.C. and extending all the way to the present … including the Phoenix lights, the Illinois flap, the Hudson Valley, the Belgium wave …  the Iran flap (which happened at a time when Iran was a U.S. ally) … and the O’Hare International Airport saucer …

It’s all the same thing, man. Just Uncle Sam, not ET.

And, did I mention, it’s all in Flying Saucers …


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