Book Review: “The Halt Perspective”

Please see my take on The Halt Perspective and other things Rendlesham Forest at

It’s a worthwhile addition to anyone’s UFO book collection, but don’t expect a compelling read.

The Halt Perspective is like a 770-page scrapbook of factoids, letters, reports, transcriptions, old news articles, photos and illustrations, but nonetheless a worthwhile reference book for those of us who are obsessed with the confounding, latter-day saga of unexplained aerial phenomena that began roughly 70 years ago.

The review includes a “deconstructing commentary,” which proposes some plausible explanations as to:

  • Why the events at Rendlesham Forest were almost certainly not ET.
  • How Sgt. Penniston’s story smacks of classic disinformation.
  • How that creepy winking eye in the forest was probably a 3-D holographic display, psyops to confuse and distract the military officers.
  • And the likelihood that the UFOs were above-top-secret U.S. surveillance platforms based on electric-field propulsion technology.




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