Looking forward to Dr. Steven Greer’s new UFO documentary, The Lost Century!

Alright, so, it would appear that Dr. Steven Greer, a veritable god of ufology, is wading into the terrestrial hypothesis to explain the mysterious, ongoing UFO saga in this country? His new documentary is available June 6.

Anyway, we can all agree to disagree about the provenance of antigravity and field propulsion – whether of ET or terrestrial origin – but we can all agree that IT IS HERE!

You know my feeling, that it was never ET, that it was always just an invention of the human mind. Yes, the same force that brought us nuclear weapons, microchips, lasers, fiberoptics, etc.

But either way, I commend Dr. Greer for producing what by all appearances from the trailer is a documentary that attempts to bring this issue to the public in a big way.

And, now that the big, mainstream media have begun actually covering UFOs, maybe they will make an appearance?

Right, I wouldn’t count on it …

Regardless, thank you Dr. Greer!