Dr. Steven Greer, longtime UFO investigator, says ‘tic tac’ sightings represent top secret U.S. field propulsion technology

Well, FINALLY, thank you Dr. Steven Greer!


Dr. Steven Greer reaffirms that the Tic Tac unidentified flying objects are of terrestrial origin and emphasizes that we achieved expertise in anti-gravity technology back in 1954. Greer further asserts that he is acquainted with an individual who witnessed a tic tac vessel being unloaded from a C130 Hercules aircraft in 1991, amidst the initial Gulf War. Subsequently, he delves into his theory regarding a fabricated extraterrestrial invasion, commonly referred to as a “false flag” scenario. #ufovideostk #aliens #conspiracytiktok #extraterrestrial #story #news #conspiracy

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The veteran UFO investigator has now said the tic tac ufos are, in fact, top-secret U.S. field propulsion vehicles.

I couldn’t agree more!

But, hey, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. It’s all in Flying Saucers!