The election is over: Where oh where are the MoD UFO documents?


… where oh where could they be … ?

I queried the National Archives and received no reply. The last time I checked, a few months ago, they responded right away – or straight away – in British parlance, saying the documents were not yet ready for release. But this time, no soap. Radio silence. What does it mean?

Perhaps this article, suggesting imminent release, was simply incorrect:

Or maybe they’re just busy archiving things over there.

It’s best to avoid conspiracy thinking, even though that takes all the fun out, especially when it comes to the whole bizarre Rendlesham Forest business …

At any rate, if the documents are released on a Friday, then something is probably fishy. Releasing information at the end the week is a tactic commonly employed when you are hoping the information gets buried by other news.

On the other hand, if there is nothing to hide, the authorities will make the documents public early in the week, and perhaps even alert the media in advance.

Either way, though, it will likely receive hardly any coverage from legitimate news organs. They will probably treat the subject with the usual reportage, riddled with inane pop-culture references to ‘little green men’ and the like … vapid nonsense that makes absolutely no attempt at serious journalism.

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