MoD UFO documents finally released by National Archives

When controversial documents are released on a Friday, that usually means the authorities are hoping the information gets buried by other news.

Nick Pope says there’s “no smoking gun” for ET visitation in these documents.

But there IS clearly a smoking gun for something else: the terrestrial hypothesis.

In other words, Roswell wasn’t ET, Rendlesham Forest wasn’t ET, the Phoenix lights wasn’t ET. Actually, I think there’s more evidence that the Phoenix lights UFO came from Nevada than from outer space …

Face it, Nick, the ET hypothesis is all but dead. You guys just can’t admit this because your collective bread and butter is grounded in the ET hypothesis. To suggest otherwise would mean finally abandoning a position you have staked your careers on.

At any rate, I think we can all expect the usual crummy media coverage … inane reportage riddled with silly pop-culture references to ‘little green men’ and the like … vapid nonsense that makes absolutely no attempt at serious journalism.

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