Kenneth Arnold’s original flying saucers were probably just ours


In my humble opinion, this was not space aliens. Just Uncle Sam testing his new toy – a game-changing field propulsion system, mounted onto a flying wing platform.

It’s very interesting that Arnold never described these objects as saucers. They were either a crescent shape or a half pie plate with a convex rear. So, intriguingly, like a flying wing design.

I seriously doubt the aliens would come to earth in winged aircraft. You don’t need wings in space. What, did they travel trillions of miles from another solar system just to tour the Northwest?

It seems far more plausible that these were developed by the U.S. military industrial complex in some facility on the West Coast, probably Northrop Corp., creator of the famed Flying Wing, which also had its maiden flight around this time period.

Perhaps we are soon going see a similar technology in the mysterious B-21 bomber? Military officials keep saying the B-21 is based on a “very mature” technology, yet it is paradoxically unknown to the public. They also have said the basic platform has already undergone extensive prototyping.

Just something to consider …


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