MUFON presser on secret space program: prepared to be disappointed

What a surprise! They are trotting out the same tired proponents of the ET hypothesis: “Douglas Aircraft insider, William Tomkins – What he learned in the Navy about alien technology and how it’s still secret today; Dr. Michael Salla, The US Navy’s secret space program and its Nordic extraterrestrial alliance.”

Are you kidding us?

The “Nordic ET alliance?” If you want to learn about the Nordic ET alliance, come to the Midwest … everyone’s a blonde.

Hmm, let’s see: what’s the best way to ensure poor media coverage for your presser?

Oh, I got it! Just trot out the same tired proponents of the ET hypothesis. Genius!

And, as a result, which media will be in attendance?

* the ill-prepared, ill-equipped, and largely clueless local broadcast media

*  whatever daily print media still exist in Vegas, and they will invariably assign the travel reporter

* fringe media for consumption by people fully ensconced in the ET hypothesis

Also from this report:

“Why would our Government keep these things secret? There are several possible reasons including the government is unable to reliably control our airspace and knowledge of this would make citizens feel unsafe; UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors are real and they fear knowledge of this would have an adverse effect on our economy, world religions, or result in public panic. Have we successfully reversed engineered alien craft and discovered new principles in science that have led to our own secret space program?”

Or, duh, behind door number three: We did NOT reverse engineer ET tech. In fact, ET never crashed on planet Earth. Instead, the UFOs are based on platforms developed totally by human scientists and engineers. The Pentagon doesn’t want people to know this because it would blow the lid off the biggest military conspiracy since the Manhattan Project and call into question our very system of government.

Get a grip, MUFON. This is pathetic.

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