Now you’re onto something, #Nick Pope! There are no aliens at #Area 51.

This just in from the tabloid press. Essentially it’s the same vague article in three different tabloids, supposedly crafted by three different writers.

Here is one link.

Anyway, the gist is this: Yes, there is a fleet of mysterious airliners flying regularly into Area 51 to ferry workers into the base. It’s an old story, and unfortunately these tabloid offerings provide nothing new. However, at least the tabloids periodically publish stories on the subject, which you can’t say about more legitimate media sources.

One interesting note: Nick Pope, former UFO investigator from the UK’s Ministry of Defence, says there is no evidence of aliens.

“Sadly, despite the rumours, I’ve seen no evidence that we’ve recovered any extraterrestrial technology.”


He also acknowledges that Area 51 is “… where various secret prototype aircraft and drones are developed and test flown.”

So, the UK’s Fox Mulder gets kudos for stating the obvious … but he also gets demerits for failing to take the next step: yes, there is likely NO space alien connection to the above-top-secret military base. And yes, there are secret prototypes … so, the implication is that these secret prototypes are themselves the source of many UFO reports over the years.

This is a logical increment, not some fanciful leap. UFOs exist. Hence, many of these UFOs are a product of the U.S. military.

The question I have is, how can there be different bylines for the exact same story in three different publications?

The other two links:

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