These statistics are telling …

The number of UFO sighting in the United States is about 300 times greater than in the rest of the world.

One factor for the dramatic difference in sightings in the states could be the military industrial complex. Let’s not forget that virtually all UFO flaps, or sightings involving many credible witnesses including police occur either in the United States or in nations that are U.S. allies … (think Phoenix lights, Illinois sighting in 2000, Belgium wave, Washington saucers in 1952, Hudson Valley in 1980s) … this might be due to the possibility that we are testing above top secret technology and radar data, etc., would be readily accessible to U.S. officials requesting such data from U.S. allies. Over the past 30 years there have been NO such flaps in China or Russia … and considering the huge chunk of real estate those countries represent this would seem to be more than a chance statistical anomaly. Why no big flaps in Beijing, Moscow …

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