Northrop’s secret ‘space projects’ and mysterious U.S. ‘electricity bomb’ in Syria!

Two major items have surfaced in the news regarding the military industrial complex!

  • Revelations that Northrop Grumman is doing a lot of classified “space projects” …

I’ll bet …

Northrop executives disclosed that the growth was not just for aircraft. The firm saw a plus up in classified space projects, Northrop CFO Kenneth Bedingfield said on the call … Executives as other firms have told me they’ve seen an uptick in secret space business, particularly as the military looks to better protect its satellites … Meanwhile, Raytheon reported more than $900 million in classified deals in the second quarter of 2017. That includes $555 million in secret work for the Intelligence, Information and Services division; $137 million for Space and Airborne Systems; and $214 million for Missile Systems.

2) And, a report suggesting the U.S. military is using a secret ‘electricity bomb’ in Syria … this is more evidence that the Pentagon has developed various electromagnetic weaponry capable of crippling electronics!

The new report emerged on July 7, 2017, when Jenan Moussa, a “roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV,” an Arabic-language satellite television network with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, wrote on Twitter that members of the U.S.-supported Syrian Democratic Forces told her American warplanes sometimes dropped an “electricity bomb.” The SDF fighters added that when the weapon went off, anyone carrying metallic items would “burn.”


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