Ooh, the B-21 bomber is a ‘clean-sheet’ design, does not resemble B-2!

Well, this is my big takeaway from Anthony Capaccio’s article in Bloomberg.


Money also will be spent on producing engineering drawings for a “clean-sheet” design, he said, which means the new bomber won’t be an adaptation of the B-2 stealth bomber or other existing aircraft, as some analysts have suggested.

Northrop’s performance is “generally on track” and “within the windows of expected progress that we’ve expected at this point,” Donovan said. Still, “there is some risk in this program because it’s a brand new, clean-sheet design. So we’ll work through those.”


So, what ever happened to that Air Force concept drawing that strongly resembled the B-2? Was it a complete ruse, a distraction to confuse the media?

Other officials have said the new platform is based on extensively tested technology that is “very mature” yet unknown to the public.

What does it mean? Perhaps the B-21 is something completely different, to borrow a phrase from the great Monty Python.

Thank you, Mr. Capaccio!

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