Popular Mechanics #UFO piece brings up major issue: USOs!


You know, this Popular Mechanics article brings up another really important issue related to UFOs, which I discussed in Chapter 23 of Flying Saucers.

From the PM article:

There are several interesting details about the sighting here. For one, there were clearly two unidentified objects. The first was a large underwater object that was “much larger than a submarine.” For reference, the U.S. Virginia-class nuclear attack submarines are 377 feet long. The object also had some passing resemblance to a “downed airliner.” This was technically a USO, or unidentified swimming object. Although much rarer than UFOs, such craft have been sighted over the years.

In my humble opinion, the Pentagon’s above-top-secret space program is likely building huge structures on the seafloor, away from the prying eyes of satellite surveillance and far larger than could be fabricated in any hangar. They could assemble these things like giant Legos … perhaps building the individual segments on land, then transporting them to the ocean and then assembling.

That way, it would be possible to construct gigantic space structures. Because, after all, it is far easier to perform welding and other fabrication techniques in the ocean than it is in space. Then, once complete, these structures could simply be powered up and moved into deep space using field-propulsion technology. I suspect the propulsion system would be driven by a nuclear power plant similar to those used in nuclear-powered submarines

Incidentally, I believe the correct term is unidentified submerged object, right?

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