Popular Science #UFO commentary touts #terrestrial hypothesis



From the article:

As the New York Times wrote in another piece published last weekend, the U.S. government has been searching for extraterrestrial life on and off for decades. While some information remains classified, so far as we know, we haven’t found anything particularly promising. A more likely explanation for the 2004 San Diego event could be that a government agency, deep within the United States military or the military of another nation, is simply working on new, mind-boggling technologies we’re not privy to yet. Though it may feel like a less exciting rationale for the weird event, there’s immense precedent. Much of the alleged alien activity of the past 80 years has ultimately been revealed as top secret government projects.

I vote U.S. military … we are the only nation with the ongoing, decades-long resources to field this sort of tech … oodles of black money going back to the 1960s … the biggest military budget in the world, by far … I would take it farther … we aren’t “working on” secret tech … we have perfected it. These aren’t so-called ‘experimental’ platforms; they are operational.

It’s nice to see support for an alternative to the damn ET hypothesis, which has dominated the conversation forever!

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