Will Trump’s 2020 SOTU highlight new Space Force plans?

Perhaps the POTUS will highlight his Space Force plans during his upcoming State of the Union address on Feb. 4. #UFOs #SOTU2020 #TicTacUFOs #Pentagon #antigravity #SpaceForce

There are so many questions surrounding this new branch of the U.S. military.

First and foremost, are the tic tac UFOs a super-secret Pentagon antigravity tech? If so, are they now part of the Space Force, and will this new agency be dramatically expanding the U.S. human space exploration program, or will deep-space exploration continue on a totally clandestine track unknown to the public?

Maybe Trump dropped a hint in his recent unveiling of a Space Force logo, an insignia that resembles Starfleet’s. Another not-so-subtle allusion to the fictional Star Trek was the designation of a new Space Operations Center, or SPOC.

Does this mean we will embark on a more-or-less public deep-space exploration program that mimics Star Trek’s.

Given the history of UFO secrecy, I seriously doubt so, but it’s possible that Trump will seize on the whole tic tac UFO phenomenon to indirectly expose the existence of an advanced propulsion system within the U.S. military that allows for deep-space transportation.

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