Congress: Don’t expect too much from upcoming UFO report. What a surprise!

This just in: Congressional representatives who received a sneak-peek briefing about the upcoming UFO report have warned that the public shouldn’t expect too much. So, there won’t be any real clarity, and the issue will remain unresolved.

First of all, what a surprise!

Was anyone seriously expecting anything else?

You know my opinion, that the most bizarre UFOs being encountered – the so-called tic tacs, for example — are actually top-secret U.S. weapons that have existed for many years. They use a field-propulsion system first developed under extreme secrecy around seventy-five years ago, and this technology has evolved over the decades.

So, it was always us, from Kenneth Arnold’s seminal sighting in 1947, to the 1952 Washington, D.C., saucers and right to the present. And by the way, doesn’t Arnold’s description resemble the Horton HO 229 bomber, designed by the Germans during WWII? The super classified platforms are not “experimental aircraft,” but fully operational weapons systems operated by an elite group within the U.S. military that is unknown to the rest of the military, unknown to Congress, unknown to the president. Under this scenario, that would mean Harry Reid’s UFO task force investigation has unwittingly exposed a Pentagon weapons system.

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