How Much Longer is the U.S. Congress Going to Engage in this UFO Charade with the Pentagon?

Ok, so the Pentagon is underfunding the office that was created to allegedly investigate UFOs and to increase transparency over the issue.

A cynic might say this lack of funding is BY DESIGN.


Because many, if not all, of the most exotic UFOs encountered by Navy and commercial pilots are above-top-secret U.S. weapons based on a revolutionary propulsion system. A system, or, more likely, a collection of innovations so secret they are unknown even to the military pilots who encounter these weapons.

Therefore, the Pentagon can’t really investigate the UFOs without exposing these top-secret weapons. Disclosing said weapons would mean they would no longer be, well, secret.

So, in yet another pointless hearing, on April 19, we’re going to watch the spectacle of U.S. senators engage in this ridiculous, futile exercise that’s supposed to finally get to the bottom of the mysterious and ongoing UFO saga in this country.


Unless your goal is to wade through reams of disinformation and folderol deliberately intended to confuse the public, then just stop.

Now, if Congress really wants to learn the truth then it needs to commission a completely independent study, staffed NOT by the Pentagon or ANY branch of our government, but by a private group of investigators.

And please don’t staff this effort with UFO activists like Leslie Kean, Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon and the Ancient Aliens crew, who are fully ensconced in the ET hypothesis and therefore can’t effectively investigate this vital issue.

I say this issue is vital because if the U.S. military does, in fact, possess a propulsion system capable of the performance witnessed by Navy pilots, then that means we are truly able to travel to the stars. Furthermore, that would mean the U.S. military is hoarding innovations that would greatly benefit the world.

And this has likely been going on FOR DECADES!

So, Sens. Gillibrand and Rubio: Please stop engaging in this pretense of investigations into UFOs.


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