Bloomberg Opinion Piece Hints at True Origins of UFOs

I was reading the Washington Post and ran across this interesting analysis piece from a Bloomberg writer.


Here, the writer hints at the origins of UFOs. He adroitly assesses that the true, modern-day phenomenon began 75 years ago, with Kenneth Arnold’s seminal sighting.

Actually, it began during the final days of World War II, primarily over the European theater, with U.S. pilots spotting so-called foo fighters tagging along American aircraft.  

This would strongly suggest that there was a wartime propulsion breakthrough by one of the European powers. Call it field propulsion, if you like.

Subsequent sightings, largely over the United States (including Kenneth Arnold’s), would also strongly suggest that the U.S. military was in possession of this propulsion breakthrough.

Afterward, it continued to evolve over the decades, growing better and better but remaining entirely in the dark, hidden even from other military departments, unknown to all but the select few at the Pentagon with the proper clearances.

Meanwhile, the propulsion system was continually improved upon, fed by America’s enormous, ongoing and unrivaled military spending that followed the war. Much of this spending has been in the form of “black budgets” that are entirely shrouded from public scrutiny.

Now, U.S. Navy pilots are encountering vehicles capable of going from a hovering standstill to instantaneous acceleration and reaching unheard of hypersonic speeds. The reason we are seeing these vehicles primarily over U.S. military training ranges is because they are American.

It isn’t ET. It was never ET.

But I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already contemplated. It’s all in Flying Saucers!