I’m so glad 60 Minutes is FINALLY paying attention to UFOs

I’m so glad the media are FINALLY paying attention – the conspiracy’s only 70 years old — but shouldn’t they be quoting current DoD and Pentagon officials? What’s the official word on the upcoming report?

Washington Post UFO column fails to ask: What if it’s not ET?

A column about UFOs in the Washington Post asks the familiar question, what if we are being visited by ET?

Perhaps the more interesting question might be, what if it’s not ET at all? The Pentagon never intended to release the now-famous Tic Tac UFO videos and only did so after they were leaked. I propose an entirely different scenario: The UFOs are ours. Not “experimental aircraft,” but fully operational platforms. The reason we are seeing them so frequently around U.S. military facilities, especially during training missions, is that they are in training themselves. They are training for the next war. If this scenario were true, that would mean the recent investigations, first detailed by the New York Times in 2017, have unwittingly exposed a Pentagon program. Curiously, we see that Sen. Rubio recently proclaimed these UFOs are penetrating sensitive military airspace, seemingly at will. He claims these are not of the U.S. military and that they could be ET, or even our geopolitical rivals. But then in the same breath he says we have no worries …  huh? You mean to tell me that if the U.S. military knew its airspace was being penetrated  — even at times dominated — by invaders from space or elsewhere that there would not be more of a sense of urgency about the whole matter? Instead, Sen. Rubio tells us the much-anticipated UFO report will be late and that it won’t reach any hard conclusions … that seems mighty suspicious to me.

Sen. Rubio on UFOs: ‘It isn’t ours.’ Translation: It’s ours.

It sure seems like Senator Marco Rubio went out of his way to assert “It isn’t ours,” when asked by Fox News interviewer Bartiromo about UFOs.

He went on to deal a serious buzzkill to the rather sensational news from former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that the upcoming UFO report from the Pentagon would be coming out by June 1 and that it would contain previously unseen reports of UFOs traveling faster than the speed of sound without causing a sonic boom.

Rubio said the much-anticipated report likely won’t meet that deadline, and it also wouldn’t reach any conclusions.

This smacks of serious subterfuge.

Also, there has been recent news about the obvious stonewalling on the part of the military to reveal exactly what’s going on regarding UFOs and the U.S. military.

In my opinion, what’s going on here is that the UFOs are not invaders from space or adversarial countries. The UFOs are above-top-secret U.S. technology operated by an elite unit of the military unknown to other branches and departments. The encounters are the result of training, which is needed to ready the use of these weapons in future conflict. They are training without the advance knowledge of Navy personnel to not only shroud the existence of these weapons from the public but also to mimic real-life military conflict.

The data collected from various sensors and radars would prove essential to understanding how stealthy these weapons would be in true-to-life military missions.