Springtime and renewal: the Rendlesham Forest cover-up …


Well, it’s officially spring, so it’s time to renew our ongoing and futile quest for those final reports from the Ministry of Defence regarding the Rendlesham Forest incident.

Last year, when their release was delayed yet again, we were told that they would be transferred to The National Archives sometime this year, spring at the earliest. So I recently checked and was told by the archives that it is working with the MoD but that there is not a definitive date for the transfer of these files.

Boy, considering the fact that there’s nothing to this whole thing – at least according to officialdom – they sure are taking their time.

It’s been, what, almost two years since these records were supposed to be released?

I think it’s fair to say this is a cover-up. And when we finally do receive the docs … much will be covered up, to be sure.

What could possibly justify these delays?  The military bases where this historic encounter took place are now closed. The Cold War is over. My speculation is that it was not ET. Rather, it was likely the U.S. testing its above-top-secret field-propulsion platform, and the Brits understand this. Hence, the repeated assertions by the authorities that the events surrounding Rendlesham Forest represent “no threat” to national security, and the need for continued subterfuge.

Also, please see my take on The Halt Perspective and other things Rendlesham Forest at http://emilvenere.com/files/120622222.pdf

The Halt Perspective is a worthwhile addition to anyone’s UFO book collection, but don’t expect a compelling read.

It’s like a 770-page scrapbook of factoids, letters, reports, transcriptions, old news articles, photos and illustrations, but nonetheless a worthwhile reference book for those of us who are obsessed with the confounding, latter-day saga of unexplained aerial phenomena.

The review includes a “deconstructing commentary,” which proposes some plausible explanations touching on:

  • How Sgt. Penniston’s story smacks of classic disinformation.
  • How that creepy winking eye in the forest was probably a 3-D holographic display, psyops to confuse and distract.
  • And the likelihood that the UFOs were not ET, but an above-top-secret U.S. surveillance platforms based on electric-field propulsion technology.

Alas, the strange saga that is the Rendlesham Forest incident is not an isolated event. Rather, it fits neatly into a series of like encounters going back 40 years or longer.

But, hey, it’s all in Flying Saucers.

If anyone has any actual insights, please email me at e.venere@comcast.net

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