MUFON conference to probe alleged secret U.S. space program

The Mutual UFO Network’s 2017 International UFO Symposium, July 20-23 in Las Vegas, will focus on the possible existence of a secret U.S. space program.

Bravo to MUFON for giving proper attention to this subject.

Is ufology finally starting to pay attention?

Such a conspiracy would be orders of magnitude beyond Watergate, an ongoing decades-long cabal calling into question our very system of government: a program so secret its existence is shielded from Congress, the president, and the people.

It would be the most profound military conspiracy since the Manhattan Project.

Unfortunately, as always, MUFON continues to be obsessed with the ET hypothesis, the notion of “reverse engineered” alien technology and other rubbish …

Here’s a news flash: the human race doesn’t need assistance from space aliens to invent paradigm-changing technologies. One only needs to recall: the microchip, lasers, fiber optics, nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, microwave ovens, medical imaging systems, robotics …

Unless you think aliens were behind these modern marvels as well.


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