NY Post UFO article exposes media bias toward ET hypothesis but misses one important point

Interesting article about this nation’s bizarre and unfolding UFO crisis that describes both the media’s and the government’s ostensible bias toward the ET hypothesis.


However, it fails to recognize a major feature in this strange and ongoing phenomenon. Yes, the Pentagon’s alleged quest for the truth about UFOs has been rooted in the improbable idea that the UFOs are extraterrestrial. But, equally as important, this is by design!

Ultimately, the Pentagon wants people to think it’s ET because then the media, and the public, won’t suspect that our military is operating above-top-secret weapons based on a different type of propulsion system and that this ability has existed for some time.

And, as if that weren’t crazy enough, you have the government’s official Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program unwittingly exposing these top-secret weapons because its principals were fully ensconced in the ET hypothesis.

The problem is that it’s not ET. It was never ET. The Pentagon just wants you to think it’s ET. That’s why you have the Pentagon collaborating on a research paper proposing that alien motherships are patrolling our solar system. It’s why you have top generals refusing to refute ridiculous speculation and rumors that unidentified balloons could be ET.

At the same time, we have members of Congress who don’t understand what’s going on. The military can’t reveal to Congress that these are top secret weapons because then, well, they wouldn’t be top secret.

But, hey, I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already pondered … it’s all in Flying Saucers!

Right, the Navy UFOs probably NOT adversarial tech; they’re probably Pentagon tech

Well, we agree about one thing: The UFOs are probably NOT an adversarial tech. However, he misses the most important, most logical takeaway, that the UFOs are probably a Pentagon technology.


This would mean To The Stars … Academy of Arts & Science and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) have unwittingly exposed a Pentagon program.